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1/20/2004 TATU Reality Show

Read about TATU Reality Show Here

Thanks:CoolAsFCUK ,k1n3t1k

1/16/2004 Nichya will live on Tatu's money

Read Here


1/13/2004 Lena Katina Quits TATU to go solo

read Here

Thanks:Addicted to TATU

1/9/2004 t.A.T.u. will get “behind the glass” on January, 17

The first night of the reality-show t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya, will take place on channel STS, on January, 17. Followed by the TV watchers, the duo will be working at their second album. The penthouse of the Pekin Hotel in Moscow – Podnebesnaya was remodelled into a studio. The view from the penthouse goes to all directions, opening a beautiful panorama over Moscow. t.A.T.u. plans to use the music material of absolutely unknown authors. The group still accepts the material, which can be sent to: 123001, Moscow, Podnebesnaya. It’s possible that t.A.T.u. and their producer Ivan Shapovalov will be visited by another Russian celebrities. STS is planning to air a one-hour show every evening, which will contain the most interesting things that happened during the same day. Besides, STS is planning several live transmissions during the day.

Discuss Here

Source: (by material of InterMedia)

1/5/2004 Russian Lesbians Unite And Take Over

Read Here

Thanks:Mad Debz

1/4/2004 Group Tatu to become presidents of Russian Federation

Read Here
And Read Here
More Read Here


1/2/2004 New Czech Tatu Web Site

1/1/2004 MTV Germany: ATTSS No.5 of the Year

MTV Germany Top 100 Charts 2003
- Most Played Videos of the Year -

01. Eminem: Lose Yourself
02. RZA feat. Xavier Naidoo: Ich kenne nichts
03. Evanescence: Bring Me To Life
04. 50 Cent: In Da Club
05. t.A.T.u.: All The Things She Said
Discuss here

Thanks: xena225

12/31/2003 t.A.T.u. is recognised as the sale's leader of the year in Japan

Group t.A.T.u. is recognised as an absolute record holder of the pop-music sale's 2003 in Japan. According to the popular Tokyo radio station Jay Wave, the debute album sale's number reached 1,4 million copies. Together with various limited editions, the sale's number evaluated reached 1,8 million of the sold copies throughout Japan.

According to the results of the final chart 2003, t.A.T.u. managed to beat even Madonna - their two songs hit top 10 of the chart, where their song All The Things She Said went straight to the second position. None of the Russian artists has ever managed to achieve such a success in Japan before.

Discuss here

Thanks: setsuna22

12/31/2003 t.A.T.u. is up for Woman Singer of the year on Germany site

There's a poll on one of Germany's biggest websites for Woman Musician of the year, and tATu are nominated, please go vote and help them win.
Vote Here

Thanks: irish22

12/29/2003 An incident in St.Petersburg

An incident happened during the recent TATU concert in St.Petersburg (Russia) on December 18. About half an hour before the beginning of the performance, the metallic protection bars near the stage failed due to crowd pressure. As a result, people at the front, squeezed against the metal bars, began to lose consciousness. More info here.

Thanks: Olka

12/10/2003 t.A.T.u. Anime Movie Announced

Japanese Distributor IMOVE has officially announced the development of an anime movie staring Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. "t.A.T.u. Paragate" will be directed by Kashima Norio (Crusher Joe, Dirty Pair) and Susume Kudoh (Sakura Wars, Silent Mobius). Cowboy Bebop creator Shinichiro Watanabe will direct the opening animation. The 100 minute long motion picture will be released in Japan next November.
Source Here

Thanks: Tiana Garner (aka Kagome)

11/30/2003 TATU won the biggest song of the year on VH1's Big in 2003 awards


Thanks: All t.A.T.u Fans

11/13/2003 t.A.T.u. presented their new song Nichya (Nobody's)!

Today, The Total Show and MTV Russia were presenting awards of the contest Show Me Love. This contest was announced by t.A.T.u. Its main award is a trip to the group's concert to Japan. The awards were given by Yulia and Lena personally. The girls chose two the most interesting videos. The authors of these videos will be digging at the t.A.T.u. concert in Tokyo on December, 1. Aside the awards, the audience was granted with the first time presentation of the group's new song Nichya. Yulia and Lena made an effort to cause a scandal in order to follow their image of a scandalous group but failed doing it. Yulia and Lena brought something for their fans too - photos that will appear in the press in the nearest future. Today, the pictures were given to a person from the audience in a studio who asked the most interesting question.

Thanks: oGAg
Disscussion here

10/14/03 t.A.T.u. pulls in three awards at World Music Awards

t.A.T.u. won three awards at the World Music Awards held Sunday, October 12th in Monte-Carlo. t.A.T.u. won awards for World's Best Pop Group, World's Best Duo, and World's Best Dance Group.

Thanks: Sean

09/23/03 Lena collapses at press conference

Amid reports that Lena is pregnant, at a press conference on Wednesday, September 17, she collapsed to the ground when she slid off her chair. Julia, sitting beside her, caught her and held her until she was splashed with water.
Tatu Singer Pregnancy Rumours Intensify

Thanks: Sean

09/21/03 tATu 2004 Calendar

Buy it Here

Thanks: Mad Debz and oblakovshtanah

09/17/03 New laws threaten ALL teenage lesbians in the UK, not just tATu

The petition against tATu being banned now has over 22,000 signatures - thanks to the hard work that users of have done in promoting it, and support from the site admin.


It's against the new 'grooming' and 'child-sex' laws that will enable tATu CDs to be banned from UK shops. Under the Sexual Offences Bill, if passed into law, the courts could rule that the video on their album CD is 'child porn'.

And it gets worse: mild sexual cavorting, hanky-panky, French-kissing, even DATING, between teenagers in real life - not just in early tATu videos - will be a CRIMINAL OFFENCE if at least one of them is under 16.

I know that sounds too absurd to be true. Surely not even UK politicians could be that barmy? I'm afraid they could, and they are. Please check out the legal sources at the foot of this message, and see for yourself. The Government wants to push these laws through, because they're worth thousands of cheap votes from paranoid prejudiced prudes in middle England, at the next election.

Both petitions will be presented to MPs AND Richard and Judy during the Third Reading of the Bill, which will take place later this year or early next year.

The proposed laws are the brainchild of paedophile paranoia, but they will be used by racist and homophobic bigots against gay, lesbian and inter-racial young couples - as well as tATu.

Please raise the alarm! Email the petition link to every school council and student union in the UK, and every genuine teen list and site on the Internet - whether gay or str8. Mobilise the youth of the nation to oppose these fascist loony laws. Let the resistance begin here and now!

Links and sources:



Campaign against the grooming etc laws: Here

Legal sources on the Sexual Offences Bill 2003:


- scroll down to Liberty's response to Clauses 52 and 53 (which affect tATu) and to Clauses 10-17, which affect YOU!

The Bill itself: Here

Source: Jason

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