Subj: Yay! Pub found for Wembley get-together

It's the Green Man in Dagmar Avenue.  Telephone 020 8903 1441.  I will be there by 4.30pm at the latest.  Just walk in and ask the barman where the tATu people are.  Maps and directions follow this message.

I just talked with the landlord on the phone and this is what he confirmed:

The pub is roomy, tends not to get crowded at the time we will be using it, and has a beer garden.

The pub will be open all day as usual on Friday 2nd May.

Under-18s are allowed in.

It's 10 minutes' walk away from Wembley Arena.

It has a restaurant.  If enough people holler that they will be eating, I'll call the landlord back and try and blag a discount for you.  Ditto the vodka if you say you are going to be there.  For now, budget for five pounds for the grub.  email me at and put 'tATu' in the subject box or I'll delete your message as spam.

So, c'mon you horrible lot, get your asses into the Green Man!


Subj: Directions to the Green Man   
Date:    26/04/2003   

You can see that whoever drew this map had just visited all the pubs that are numbered in red.  My vote goes to the Green Man in Dagmar Avenue (marked as No 1).  It's the first one he sampled, and he gave it 7/10 in a relatively sober state.

He says it has a beer garden, tends not to get too crowded and the prices are at least no higher than average for London. 

On his map, the Green Man is the closest pub to Wembley Park tube station (and therefore the Arena); but on the next map, which is drawn to scale, it looks at least 10 minutes' walk from the Arena (in Empire Way and inside the red circle in the top right corner).  Dagmar Avenue is just to the left of the pinky triangle-shaped thingy. 

If you walk to the pub from Wembley Park tube station, you will enter the map from the top-right corner and pass the Arena as you head South-west along Empire Way.


You can see from the next map that Dagmar Avenue is closer to Wembley Central station

This larger-scale map takes in both stations, the Arena and Dagmar Avenue.  Wembley Park station isn't marked but it must be where the track crosses Empire Way by the red circle.