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News Archive

08/31/03 Tatu continue to be nominated!

Tatu continue to break off on a part inviting on various ceremonies and nominating on different sorts of the award. Only recently girls were put forward as applicants for awards Brazil MTV 2003. And already yesterday they were declared as headliners of the annual Russian premium "the very Heavy Hit 2003 (Stopudoviy Hit)". The organizer which is popular radio HitFm. ‘eremony of delivery of the symbolical "Weight" will held already September, 4. Ceremony will pass in Moscow in SK "Olympic" and promises to become one of the brightest joint performances of all best of the Russian pop-culture. There is while only one question: whether will accept participation in performance Julia Volkova? But about it we will known absolutely soon.


08/19/03 News about an animated film


Thanks: layzie; russkayatatu @

08/18/03 t.A.T.u. nominated for Brazilian MTV VMB 2003

t.A.T.u. has been nominated for Best International Video along a slew of stiff competition:

Avril Lavigne - Complicated
Christina Aguilera - Dirrty
Creed - Don't Stop Dancing
Eminem - Without Me
Kelly Osbourne - Papa Don't Preach
Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong
Mariah Carey - Boy (I Need You)
Nelly and Kelly Rowland - Dilemma
Nick Carter - Do I Have To Cry For You?
Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way
T.A.T.U. - All The Things She Said
The Calling - Wherever You Will go

VOTE here but you need to register first, click this , have fun with portuguese oh btw, you can only vote once per email registered. the show will air on 8-26-03
Comments Here

Thanks: Lux ; oblakovshtanah @

08/16/03 Another interview from Turkey


Thanks: Ulku Keskin

08/15/03 t.A.T.u.'s Tentative Schedule


Thanks: Yulia_r0xx

08/13/03 Tatu in Turkey


Thanks: ElectraCute

08/06/03 Tatu just about to perform in Denmark

At this years Smukkeste Festival (thurs 7th - Sun 10th of August) in Denmark, Tatu are to perfrom on the last day (Sun 10). Fingers crossed they wont cancel.
Comments Here

Thanks: Mad Debz

08/03/03 New tatu T-Shirts Shops

Source: By Hyena and John Renaud

07/25/03 New Shops

  • Tshirt with TATU label. Click here
  • Tshirt with TATU.US Forum label. Click here
  • Source: By Philja

    07/22/03 Temporary Tatu

    Article Here
    Comments Here

    Thanks: whiska

    07/05/03 t.A.T.u will be in Istanbul!!!!

    t.A.T.u will sing in Istanbul-Turkey!!!! They will share the stage with PAUL VAN DYK, ANDY FLETCHER ,THE CLIENT, GEORGE ACOSTA, PAUL JOHNSON, RAY ROC on August 13,2003 !!! Welcome to Turkey girls !!!

    Source: ÝlkÝ keskin

    06/27/03 Tokyo Police say no video shoot for t.A.T.u.

    Among brewing controversy regarding a planned appearance on a music show on Asahi TV that t.A.T.u. backed out of at the very last moment, things got even worse. t.A.T.u.'s plans to shoot a video in Tokyo, that was to include 300 girls dressed in the typical t.A.T.u. schoolgirl attire, fell apart when the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in Tokyo barred t.A.T.u. from filming their video anywhere in the city. Tatu's video plan wrecked Tokyo cops shut down Tatu shoot Japanese won't let Tatu shoot video in central Tokyo
    Tatu's video plan wrecked
    Tokyo cops shut down Tatu shoot
    Japanese won't let Tatu shoot video in central Tokyo

    Source: Weiss

    06/14/03 Tatu going to Japan to record New Video

    TATU is going to visit Japan on 25th June. The official 'Universal Music' website in Japan put on its page the invitation for young ladies to take part in shootage. (The Invitation is here in japanese.) According to the rumor, the shootage will take place around the Diet Building in Japan.

    Source: Yuuka

    06/14/03 Rollingstone website: Tatu is #1

    According to Rollingstone magazine:
    The hottest artists at Rollingstone for the week of Jun. 8, 2003.
    1 Tatu
    2 Radiohead
    3 Linkin Park
    4 Metallica

    The highest rated albums for the week of Jun. 8, 2003.
    1 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane, Tatu
    2 Hail To The Thief, Radiohead
    3 St. Anger, Metallica

    The highest rated videos for the week of Jun. 8, 2003.
    1 All The Things She Said, Tatu
    2 Not Gonna Get Us, Tatu
    3 Feel the Burn, Dogwood
    4 A Moment Like This, Kelly Clarkson
    5 There There, Radiohead

    Vote for Tatu on Rollingstone website here

    Thanks: Robert

    06/11/03 t.A.T.u. to go to Japan

    After news that t.A.T.u. has sold over 2 million copies of their album, 200 km/h In the Wrong Lane, Yulia and Lena will be heading to Japan on June 25 to complete their videoshoot (which began in London and Moscow) and hold interviews with Japanese television.

    Thanks: Sean

    06/11/03 t.A.T.u. boycott Turkey

    Challenging the legality of Sertab Erener's three point victory at Eurovision, t.A.T.u. is boycotting Turkey by cancelling a concert that was to be held June 14 in the city of Cheshma.

    Thanks: Sean

    06/10/03 Israely interview with Tatu

    Read Here

    Thanks: TheFox

    06/09/03 Tatu rated #3 and #5 by Rollingstone website

    Rollingstone website rated “Not Gonna Get Us” at #3 and “All The Things She Said” at #5 as the most popular videos. Rating available at Here

    Thanks: Robert

    06/08/03 TATU Pictures from MTV MA 2003

    Pic 1
    Pic 2
    Pic 3
    Pic 4

    Thanks: John, Alban

    06/06/03 Vote for t.A.T.u.'s performance at MTV MA*

    Vote Here

    Thanks: o.G.A.g.

    06/06/03 Local TATU Fan Clubs in Saint Louis

    I really got inspired by ZOYNKA TATU Fan gang, so I wonder If we have TATU Fans in Saint Louis to make something like local TATU Club. We can sometimes gather together somewhere to listen TATU music and simply hang out. If anybody from Sait Louis ? Go here
    If somebody want to Create TATU clubs in other cities Go Here

    Thanks: Philja

    06/04/03 Fan group ZOYNKA share their TATU experience


    Thanks: Zoynka

    06/01/03 TATU MTV Movie awards Pics


    Thanks: setsuna22

    05/30/03 Becoming TATU

    How would you like the chance to become TATU? Learn the moves, wear the clothes, live the lifestyle and shoot your own music video! well now you can MTV are looking for people to star in the European version of "Becoming"

    If you are 16-24, can speak english and would like the chance to emulate your favourite star in a recreation of a music video as well as getting the ultimate glimpse of a popstar lifestyle - then go to your country's MTV site ( for UK -; for Italy it''s, for spain it's , etc) simply fill out the on-line questionairre, send us a VHS of yourself as TATU and you could possibly "Become" a star...........
    For UK link to apply Here
    Gotta to say something.Go Here

    Source: Sharyn Mills (Producer MTV Becoming)

    05/30/03 tATu in LA @ KIIS-fm

    Read Old Interview

    Thanks: setsuna22

    05/30/03 Vote For "Not Gonna Get Us" on TRL

    "Not Gonna Get Us" hasn't been on the TRL countdown yet, but I know we can do it! Just use the information below to request t.A.T.u. EVERYDAY - it's SO easy!!
    Instruction to vote by phone here
    Vote electronically here


    05/29/03 tATu in LA @ KIIS-fm

    Tonight t.A.T.u will be in the studio for JoJo's Top 9 @ 9 for KIIS fm 102.7 radio

    Thanks: Yulia_r0xx

    05/29/03 t.A.T.u on MTV Movie Awards

    t.A.T.u. will be performing at this year's MTV Movie Awards! The 12th annual awards ceremony will be taped May 31 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, and it's scheduled to air on MTV at 9 p.m. EDT June 5.


    05/29/03 Channel One says t.A.T.u. cheated out of Eurovision

    State-controlled Channel One, Russia's largest television station, formally released a statement Wednesday that t.A.T.u. was cheated out of Eurovision and that they will lodge a protest. In their statement, they said that votes were based on politics and favored countries, such as Turkey and Estonia, who are entering the EU.
    Channel One: Eurovision Is Political Contest
    Channel One Cries Foul Over Tatu Loss

    Thanks: Sean

    05/29/03 "Not Gonna Get Us" debuts at #7 in UK

    t.A.T.u.'s single, "Not Gonna Get Us", has debuted this week at #7 on the UK charts.

    Thanks: Sean

    05/26/03 TATU Video from Eurovision

    Video "Ne ver', ne bojsja" Live Performance from Eurovision, Riga (LATVIA) 24 May 2003

    Captured and Encoded by: Alban

    05/24/03 Some TATU pics from Eurovision

    Thanks: philja

    05/24/03 t.A.T.u. #3 at Eurovision

    t.A.T.u., performing "Ne ver, Ne bojsia", came in 3rd place at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest with 164 points, one point behind Belgium in second place, and Turkey came in first place
    Discuss Here

    Source: by Sean

    05/24/03 Turkey Wins Eurovision Kitsch-Fest


    Thanks: whiska

    05/23/03 t.A.T.u. singer sick

    t.A.T.u. are down to one this evening as Julia Volkova is in hospital leaving Elena alone on stage More

    Thanks: marieke

    05/23/03 t.A.T.u. confound the critics are rehearsal


    Thanks: marieke

    05/23/03 The Russian bandwagon hits town


    Thanks: marieke

    05/19/03 Tatu's Eurovision performance

    I’ve just noticed that there’s wrong information in Elizabeth’s post (from Australia) about TATU’s performance in Riga.

    It will indeed take place on the 24th of May, but voting on the site to which link is provided has no sense. The only way to help TATU is to tune to your major TV-channel in Europe (BBC in UK, France 3 in France, Ned 2 in the Netherlands, ARD in Germany, TVE in Spain, STV 1 in Sweden, etc) on the 24th (Saturday) at 21.00 CET (20.00 in UK) and watch the show.

    TATU will have a start position 11. The whole show will not take more than 1.5 hours, after which the phone lines will be open for 5 minutes only. Each country’s TV will announce special phone numbers for each participant. To help TATU we should make a call (or send SMS in some countries) for song number 11 (TATU).

    We all can help TATU to win this year if we tune to Eurovision contest on the 24th of May at 21.00 CET to watch for TATU’s performance, then wait about 1 hour more till the televoting starts and vote for TATU. Seeing TATU win is worth this time at your television!

    And remember: voting on internet is useless, only phone calls on the 24th count!!!

    Source: by Jeroen

    05/15/03 t.A.T.u. vote for Tatu to win

    As you all know, Tatu are representing Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest this year, but in order to win, each country must be voted for. So vote for Tatu to win, just go to here, click on Number 11, Russia and click "Evaluate performer" (next to the pic of Tatu) then give them a 10. They are in the lead at the moment but it is very close so they need more votes. You can only vote once a day I think, so there's no real point trying to vote a million times as it won't work. Remember the Eurovision Song Contest is on May 24th so vote before then and tune in to see them perform. Thanks guys

    Source: by Elizabeth, Australia.

    05/15/03 t.A.T.u. to perform at MTV Movie Awards

    t.A.T.u. has signed on to perform in the 2003 MTV Movie Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, which will be recorded on May 31st and will air on June 5th. Tickets are available here.

    Source: by Sean


    The concerts in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg are canceled. The concert 27.05.03 in Saarbruecken will take place. The concert in Bonn was shifted to the 13.06.03.


    05/12/03 Communist review of Tatu

    First Click button below, then type there keyword: TATU and press Enter
    the article gonna be first or second in the list.

    Thanks: to Philja

    05/12/03 New Shops

    Source: By Philja

    05/07/03 Hear tatu's Eurovision Song


    Thanks: tatugal

    05/07/03 Tatu fall foul of London police


    Thanks: Rachel (London)

    05/04/03 TATU’S JULIA VOLKOVA wanted to taste the posh side of London life on Saturday

    But minders at ultra-expensive restaurant Sketch weren’t impressed when she tried the old ‘Do you know who I am?’ routine. They refused to let her in.
    Try McDonald’s next time, love."

    Source: Thanks: Rachel (London)

    05/04/03 Tatu in London !

    Tatu arrived in London for the shooting of their new music video «Show Me Love». The shooting, which was supposed to be done during the concert in Wembley, will now take place in the centre of London. Tatu announced on MTV and BBC that they hope to see hundreds of female fans in famous school uniforms to attend! The shooting will start on the 5th, and continue on the 7th of May, the rest of the shooting will also take place in Moscow, Tokyo and New York. The director of the clip will of course be Ivan Shapo valov. Stay tuned! This Saturday MTV UK will announce where all the bravest UK girls will meet for a chance to appear in Tatu’s new video.

    Source: (by materials of Official Russian Site) Thanks: CelestialDream55

    05/04/03 Help t.A.T.u. make history

    Thanks to all the hard work of many dedicated t.A.T.u. fan sites, we have finally got the single "All The Things She Said" to the #1 spot on the Showdown On Demand Top 10 Music Countdown (a NY based radio show) and we want "Not Gonna Get Us" to move up from it's current #4 spot so that t.A.T.u. can become the first group to ever have the top 2 songs at the same time! We urge everyone to post the following on your site to show support for t.A.T.u.
    ***Vote for t.A.T.u. on the Showdown On Demand Top 10 Music Countdown and help t.A.T.u. become the most downloaded female stars on the web! Just go to: Here

    Source: John

    05/03/03 Girls' snog is Tatu much


    Thanks: Rachel, (London)

    04/30/03 NEW t.A.T.u Poll on VTeens.Org!

    VTeens.Org Asks: Should we run another t.A.T.u. contest?

    Source: Lisa M. Lombardo

    04/30/03 Fans go to Wembley Anyway

    Wembley meeting still ON

    Source: Jason

    04/30/03 Wembley Concert Cancelled

    TATU at Wembley Arena, London on 02/05/2003 has been cancelled, and will not be rescheduled.

    Thanks: Neil and Clive

    04/30/03 Mean Review of Tatu Album


    Thanks: Troika101

    04/30/03 Article and Picture from Spin Magazine

    "20 Sleazy Rock Moments"

    Source: Scott Levy [ AKA "Celtic Jobber"]

    04/29/03 Information for Wembley Fans

    Pub found for Wembley get-together

    Source: Jason

    04/29/03 Rolling Stone Cover of Spain


    Thanks: Noelia

    04/29/03 Article "Hot Gossip" from an Australian magazine "NW"


    Thanks: ZOELLER, Leisa

    04/26/03 Request t.A.T.u "Not Gonna Get Us" on TRL

    Hi t.A.T.u. Fans!
    I just received the best news! "Not Gonna Get Us" is a HIT and t.A.T.u. has their online fans to thank because of all the support you've been giving them on the net!!
    With "Not Gonna Get Us" now hitting radio airwaves from coast to coast AND the video added to MTV's TRLvoting, it's time to REQUEST, REQUEST, REQUEST!!
    <<--Request t.A.T.u. on TRL-->>
    Call 1-800-DIAL-MTV (1-800-342-5688) Monday through Friday from 3:30PM - 4:00PM (Eastern) or 12:30PM - 1:00PM (Pacific) - it's a free call!! Click here for more request details

    SOURCE: Christina

    04/26/03 .t.A.T.u. Music Download Page


    SOURCE: by Lisa M. Lombardo from

    04/25/03 t.A.T.u. in the May issue of Maxim

    Check out pictures from this month's issue of MAXIM USA here.

    Source: Sean Weiss

    04/24/03 Contest, Poll and Article from

    04/23/03 t.A.T.u. Next Single

    According to Universal Music Russia, after the single "Not Gonna Get Us", the next single will be "How Soon Is Now?", and not "30 Minutes" as was planned before. Commercial release is expected for May 26th, but the song will start airing on April 25th. The CD will include the album version and the music video. Also, they will release a t.A.T.u. DVD, with videos of "All The Things She Said" and "Not Gonna Get Us" with both original Russian versions and English versions, plus the remix videos for them. It wil l also include the videos to "30 Minutes" and "How Soon Is Now?", Behind the Scenes with Julia and Lena (1 and 2), MTV Europe Awards Countdown performance, "Not Gonna Get Us" rehearsal, photo gallery, Julia and Lena - questions and answers, "All the Things She Said" video 5.1 and DTS versions and a bonus CD, which includes:

    1. All The Things She Said (Blackpulke Mix)
    2. Not Gonna Get Us (radio version)
    3. Not Gonna Get Us (Dave Aude Big Dub Mix)
    4. Not Gonna Get Us (Send Me 2 Angels Mix)
    5. 30 Minutes (remix by that Black)
    6. 30 Minutes (Russian Harddrum Mix)
    7. Malchick Gay (Remix By That Black)
    8. Not Gonna Get Us (Larry T Electroclash Mix)
    9. All The Things She Said (Running & Spinning Mix)
    10. Show Me Love (Radio Version)

    PS. that t.A.T.u. single of "How Soon Is Now?" and the DVD, those are releases in Russia, but you can order them on, by entering Tatu in the search engine, then clicking the letter "T" in the catologue, then going to t.A.T.u. Sorry about that!

    SOURCE: by Tatygirl55

    04/23/03 News From Addicted


    SOURCE: by El

    04/23/03 .t.A.t.U. on Best Buy's sales list

    t.A.T.u.'s "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" is #53 on Best Buy's sales list.

    SOURCE: Meg/Tatygirl55

    04/23/03 Vote for Tatu's "Not Gonna Get Us"!

    I looked on MTV's TRL (USA) Vote Video list, and you can now vote for Taty's "Not Gonna Get Us"!!!!!" C'mon guys! Vote til you drop! We HAVE to get this video to #1! We almost did with "All the Things She Said", but I KNOW we can with this one if we band together!
    Vote here

    SOURCE: Meg/Tatygirl55

    04/19/03 new Tatu song "Do Not Believe, Do Not Fear".

    Get it while it lasts

    SOURCE: Paul

    04/19/03 Tatu in Magazines

    Tatu will be on Spain Rolling Stone cover 2003 May !

    SOURCE: lacolina

    04/19/03 Video "How Soon Is Now?"

    Download new t.A.T.u.'s video "How Soon Is Now?" and watch the cover of the promo version of "3O Minutes" single on my t.A.T.u. Site: here

    Source: Crazywave

    04/16/03 t.A.T.u. T-Shirt Shop

    Hurry, while it is not shutdown!

    Source: Nex

    04/14/03 T.A.T.U. in Japan

    TATU visits JAPAN!!!on April 15. and The performance of the TATU is carried out in a famous music program in Japan "Music Station" on April 18. "Music Station" is a TV program popular in Japan.

    SOURCE: Yuuka

    04/13/03 Maxim Magazine

    A sticker with a colour picture of Julia and Lena is on the front cover of this month's issue of Maxim Magazine

    SOURCE: Tatygirl55

    04/13/03 Article from the May 2003 issue of Blender


    Source: May 2003 issue of Blender Magazine
    Transcribed by Scott "CelticJobber" Levy: Yahoo Group Sexy t.A.T.u.

    04/12/03 Preview Eurovision Song Contest 2003


    Thanks: to David Van Luyck (Belgium)

    04/11/03 t.A.T.u. T-Shirt Shop

    Hurry, while it is not shutdown!

    Source: Nunzilla

    04/05/03 t.A.T.u. on Sessions@AOL


    Thanks: to Sean

    04/05/03 Fox New article


    Thanks: to WMWHyenaWMW

    04/05/03 Petition to Interscope/Universal Records of Russia and the United States of America


    Source: by Yulia_r0xx

    03/29/03 Help t.A.T.u. stay on top

    Thanks to all the hard work of many dedicated t.A.T.u. fan sites we have finally got the single "All The Things She Said" to the #1 spot on the Showdown On Demand Countdown on and across U.S. radio! We urge everyone to post the following on your site to show support for t.A.T.u. so it can stay #1 for many weeks.
    To vote Here
    Some tatu photos

    Thanks: to STUNNER1997

    03/29/03 Long Island Interview broadcast on WBLI

    Here is t.A.T.u.'s Long Island Interview broadcast on WBLI (106.1), March 5, 2003 This program link is their interview with Steve and Maria In The Morning, normally a hysterical show. Click on the link to hear the two-part interview. When asked to put in your e-mail address, name, and address click on "I Decline" and the interview will start. Enjoy!

    Thanks: Ellen, Addicted To Tatu

    03/27/03 Article by CNN

    Click Here


    03/25/03 News from Wembley Arena in the UK!

    Wembley Arena
    Friday, 2nd May
    Tickets: ?25, ?20 + booking fee
    On Sale Today
    Box Office: 0870 739 0739
    Buy Tickets Here

    Source: Thanks: El

    03/25/03 'Not Gonna Get Us' Australian release date

    The single 'Not Gonna Get Us' is set for release in Australia on Friday 18 April. No date as yet has been set for the New Zealand release but considering everything by t.A.T.u. has been released earlier in NZ then Australia it might hit the shops in the next few weeks.

    Thanks: Izzy

    03/23/03 t.A.T.u. in the NZ & Australian Charts.

    New Zealand: The single 'All the Things She Said' remains in the number one position in the official AWIA charts for the eighth week in a row!
    Click Here

    Australia: The single 'All the Things She Said' rocketed to number one in the first week of release on the official ARIA charts. The video to the song was played on the countdown on 'Rage' using the censored version, ie. no kissing.

    'All the Things She Said (Mark's Intellectual Vocal Mix)' has dropped to 14th spot on the offical Direct Dance Charts. Click Here

    Tatu's 'All The Things She Said' has entered the Australian Charts at #1
    Click Here

    Thanks: Izzy

    03/22/03 t.A.T.u. at Eurovision

    t.A.T.u. is set to sing for Russia at Eurovision on May 24 in Riga, Latvia. Yulia and Lena are going to sing 'Ne Ver, Ne Bojsia', which means 'Do Not Be Afraid, Do Not Despair'.

    Thanks: Sean

    03/14/03 t.A.T.u picture in MTV TRL photobooth


    Thanks: John

    03/14/03 t.A.T.u. will be AskMen's Actress of the week on 19 March The premier online men's magazine
    For more profiles go to:

    Source: by Jennifer Smith

    03/13/03 t.A.T.u on Carson Daly's Last Call

    Tatu appeared on Carson Daly's Last Call this morning, Thursday, March 13, 2003 at 2:00 AM ET. The girls were not interviewed but performed All The Things She Said in a slightly different manner this time around. There was no kissing, but there was plenty of head-petting and hand-holding. The photos came out excellently this time around, there are 19 in all.

    Source: Ellen Addicted To Tatu

    03/13/03 t.A.T.u. NEEDS YOU!!!

    t.A.T.u. has been on and off the countdown since they debuted one month ago and currently have been off the countdown for the last two days. They seem to be struggling to get a postion any higher than # 10, and they NEED YOU!!! PLEASE VOTE!!! Click here for details

    Source: by Sean

    03/12/03 Tatu's apperance on Last Call With Carson Daily has been changed

    According to Tatu's apperance on Last Call With Carson Daily has been changed:
    Check Here

    Source: by Marianne

    03/10/03 t.A.T.u. back on the countdown

    With JLo barred from the countdown, t.A.T.u. took the #10 position on TRL today. KEEP VOTING!!! Click here for details

    Source: by Sean

    03/10/03 Release dates for Australia: 14 March or 21 March ?

    According to the sanity site the album is gonna be released on the 14th of march. But Other sources are claiming that release day will be on Friday, 21 March 2003

    Source: by Brendan

    03/10/03 t.A.T.u in Blender

    Just to let everyone know if they don't already, t.A.T.u appears in the March 2003 addition of Blender magazine. They are #28 in Blender's "The Rock Goddess 50" beating such hotties as Alicia Keys, Eve, Chilli, and Jessica Simpson. Go girls!! Look for them at the bottom of page 109.

    Source: by Tonya

    03/08/03 Report by AddictedToTatu about "T.A.T.U.'s 5th Americanski Television Appearance on MAD-TV"

    We have completed the imaging of T.A.T.U.'s 5th Americanski television appearance on MAD-TV (Air Date: March 8, 2003 at 11:53 PM ET). The girls performed "All The Things She Said" and were forbidden to kiss! This was probably the first time that their lips were no even allowed to touch. We were very surprised, since MAD-TV is always extremely liberal in their subject matter, perhaps this is why the girls refused to come out for a second time. There are approximately 50 photos in this set, really great one's of Yulia and Elena towards the middle of the set. However, we are disappointed in the fact that there where blue-white strobe lights behind the girls and this gives the photos a "cool" appearance which does not correctly match proper skin tones. We always prefer "warm" backgrounds for proper color and skin tone. However, we think that everyone will find something to enjoy in this set.
    The photo album link is: Here

    Source: by Ellen

    03/07/03 t.A.T.u. almost "Kicked Off" TRL

    t.A.T.u. ceased to hold a postion on the TRL countdown today, almost getting "kicked off" by callers. In the end it was JLo who got the boot. t.A.T.u. NEEDS YOUR VOTES!!!! KEEP VOTING!!! Click here for details

    Source: by Sean

    03/06/03 t.A.T.u. at #8 on TRL

    t.A.T.u. are making their way back up the TRL countdown after their performance on Monday and were at # 8 today. KEEP VOTING!!! Click here for details

    Source: by Sean

    03/05/03 More t.A.T.u. gear!!!

    Source: by Sean

    03/05/03 t.A.T.u. on TRL at #10

    t.A.T.u. is hanging on to the TRL countdown again at #10 and they need your votes!!! KEEP VOTING!!! Click here for details

    Source: by Sean

    03/04/03 Talk Shows

    The list of who's appearing when on all the major talk shows. t.A.T.u will be broadcast on Kilborn and Last Call on Thursday, March 13th. check here

    Source: by Marie

    03/04/03 TATU appearances

    There is a correction...Tatu will be on Carson Daily and Craig Kilborn on March 14 not the 4th and also Tatu will be on BBC America on TOTP
    03/05/03 08:30 am ET BBCA Top of the Pops T.A.T.U.

    03/05/03 06:30 pm ET BBCA Top of the Pops T.A.T.U.

    03/07/03 07:30 am ET BBCA Top of the Pops T.A.T.U.

    03/07/03 08:30 am ET BBCA Top of the Pops T.A.T.U.

    03/07/03 06:30 pm ET BBCA Top of the Pops T.A.T.U.

    Source: RockOnTV - the ultimate guide to music on television. Thanks to Marianne

    03/04/03 t.A.T.u. back on TRL countdown

    After "mopping up the saliva from t.A.T.u.'s performance yesterday on TRL," as Damien put it, the girls have reclaimed a spot on the TRL countdown at # 9. KEEP VOTING!!! Click here for details

    Source: by Sean

    03/04/03 The official release date for '200 Km/Hr in the Wrong Lane' in New Zealand

    The official release date for '200 Km/Hr in the Wrong Lane' has just been announced - Friday March 7th.

    Source: by Izzy

    03/03/03 DEFEND TATU in New Zealand !

    My cousin and I stumbled across a big problem which concerns the T.A.T.U clip and so have created a petition online which will be sent to the producers of the programme that we have a problem with. All of the details on this are available at Here

    The Homosexual Discrimination In New Zealand Mainstream Media Petition to Broadcasting Standards Authority was created by and written by Ike Urlich & Daniel Urlich.

    Source: by Ike Urlich & Daniel Urlich from New Zealand

    03/03/03 t.A.T.u. on TRL

    The 31 images from today's MTV's TRL appearance have been posted.
    There was a short interview segment before their performance of "All The Things That She Said". The crowd was wild, as is usual for TRL audiences. It was an excellent show and Yulia and Elena seemed very pleased with the outcome.

    Source: by Ellen

    03/03/03 t.A.T.u. Merchandise

    New t.A.T.u. apparel for sale!!
    t.A.T.u merchandise

    Source: by Sean

    03/02/03 t.A.T.u. MAD TV

    EDIT - t.A.T.u. MAD TV performance will air on Saturday, March 8

    Source: by Sean

    03/02/03 The girls of T.A.T.U. stopped by the Dees Studio

    The girls of T.A.T.U. stopped by the Dees Studio on Wednesday. They were here to promote their new album and talk about the controversy surrounding these two teens.



    Source: by Thanks to CJ Champ

    03/01/03 Tatu's 3rd Americanski Television Appearance on the Craig Kilborn Show

    Here are the 48 full-size TatuCam photos from this morning's Craig Kilborn Show! The girls performed "All The Things That She Said" at 1:30 AM Eastern time in their 3rd Americanski television appearance. There were 3 separate shots of the girls kissing and the cutaways took long enough for you to see them even though the shots were brief. Yulia and Elena performed in new costumes, red plaid skirts - it's a far better look for them. :-) In this case our photographs were not taken "live", but rather from videotape. It seems from the times that these select appearances are being chosen that the girls are marketing themselves more as an adult pop group rather than a teen pop group.

    MTV's TRL appearance will be on Monday, March 3rd between 4 and 5 PM Eastern.

    Source: by Ellen

    03/01/03 TATU appearances

    01:35 am ET NBC Last Call with Carson Daly

    Source: by Marianne

    03/01/03 Release dates for Australia and New Zealand

    Release dates for New Zealand
    All the Things She Said - Already realeased two weeks ago, now #1 200 Km/Hr in the Wrong Lane - Early March, possibly this week. However, the record distributors haven't provided a firm date which is really rather odd.

    Release dates for Australia
    All the Things She Said - Friday, 7 March 2003 200 Km/Hr in the Wrong Lane - Friday, 21 March 2003

    Author: Izzy

    03/01/03 tatu news from New Zealand

    Tatu have made it to No. 1 in New Zealand in the Coca Cola AWIA charts last night with "All The Things She Said". On the TV program they screen the video clips for the songs and so far they have been screening the one containing the kissing scenes. I have a couple of friends who work in the record industry and they said that the censors were considering cutting the clip altogether when it got to No.1. They didn't do this and still played the clip, however, they have cut out all the scenes in which the girls get close or kiss, replacing it with repeated material from the rest of the clip. This has resulted in some of the singing being out of sinc from the soundtrack.

    Author: Izzy

    03/01/03 INTERNATIONAL LESBIAN KISS DAY! Saturday 3rd May

    Citizens of the world:

    Please protest against the persistent censorship, now in the US as well as the UK, of the kiss between Lena and Yulia of the Russian pop duo, t.A.T.u. during their television performances of their hit single, All The Things She Said.

    This matters especially to gay youth all over the world who are struggling for social acceptance and against discrimination and bigotry.

    Here is what you can do:

    1. Sign the petition at here

    2. Participate in a public lesbian kissing event on the day! If you are not a lesbian, you can attend and give the kissers moral support. If you are, you could enter a kissathon competition, with a prize for the longest kiss on the lips; or you could get sponsored to kiss in the most outrageous public place you can think of, and earn some 'smackers' for your fave cause at the same time! C'mon, I'm allowed one feeble pun.

    3. Spread the word! If you belong to a gay organisation, please ask them to send press releases everywhere. Please do the same if you can, and quote the petition URL. Copy and paste this email to your local and national press and everybody you can think of.


    Author: Jason (Jason Richmond, petition author)

    03/01/03 open letter by T. Nguyen to NBC

    Hello, my name is T. Nguyen.

    I'm writing to complain about the censorship during the kissing portion of T.A.T.U.'s performance on the Late Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday, February 25th.

    I'm sure you're well aware of the incident that I'm speaking of. During T.A.T.U.'s song, as typical of their routine they started kissing. The camera was pulled away and focused on the guitarist for the entire duration of the kiss in an obvious attempt to censor it.

    It is insulting to me and the entire homosexual community that NBC embraces this obvious double standard. The fact that the Late Show is on public television is no excuse when programs like Joe Millionaire, which depicts far more graphic heterosexual activities, are broadcasted in primetime. It is a slap in the face that you refuse to show a simple kiss for the fact that it is homosexual.

    Additionally this censorship is fundamentally insulting to me as a muscian. The kiss is as much a part of their song as the lyrics are, being that the song concerns the very homosexual image that Lena and Yulia promote. Censoring their kiss is the same as cutting out non explicit lines in their song.

    In protest of this, I from this point forward refuse to watch NBC until an apology is issued to both T.A.T.U. and to the gay community as a whole. I am encouraging as many people as I can to follow this example. While I'm not naive enough to think that a lone boycott would have even the slightest effect upon your network, I suspect that I am not alone in my anger towards this disrespect of both homosexuality and T.A.T.U.

    Thank You for your time.

    Author: T. Nguyen.

    02/28/03 Reminder: t.A.T.u. on TRL Monday

    Just a reminder that t.A.T.u. will be appearing and performing on TRL (USA) on Monday, March 3rd @ 4p.m. PT/ET. Make Sure to vote so they won't be disappointed!!!
    Click here for details how to vote !

    Source: by Sean

    02/27/03 Jimmy Kimmel Show - 2nd Americanski Television Appearance

    t.A.T.u. appeared this morning on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Everyone poked fun at NBC and the girls were told that "anything goes" ... "we'll broadcast any crap" on ABC! Yulia didn't understand, but she laughed gleefully when Elena explained it to her. The interview and quips came first, followed by the concert. We took 17 photos, but we could post many more. I did not take a lot of concert photos since the choreography was the same as last night and the girls were bathed in blue-with spotlights which usually don't produce a good effect. However, I found that the blue-white lighting here worked very well, so I may go back to the videotape and get some more.

    Jimmy Kimmel 2003 Photos are available now. Enjoy the show!

    Source: Ellen Addicted To Tatu

    02/27/03 t.A.T.u. moving up American charts

    t.A.T.u. jumped 23 spots this week to # 13 on the Billboard 200 after their album's sales increased 24% to 51,000, making their total album sales in America 216,000 copies. It is almost certain that their album will enter the top ten by next week.

    Source: Sean

    02/26/03 the Comment on last night's show featuring t.A.T.u. as the performing act.

    I would like to make a comment on last night's show featuring t.A.T.u. as the performing act. As fan's of the group and of the show we were very much looking forward to seeing them perform. I can't tell you how disappointed we were that the Tonight Show would edit out the 'kiss'. Although it was okay by you to show Arsenio Hall running up and planting one on Jay? I have since discovered that a representative of the show had talked to the girls before their performance and asked them not to kiss. This is part of their performance, it is part of that particular song. My question to you would be this... If the group members were a male and female performer singing a similar song about wanting to be free to be together..etc... and then kissing during the instrumental section of the song would you have edited that part out too? I think your answer to that question would have to be no. By answering no do you realize that this is a blatant act of discrimination? Do you realize that this is encouraging those who think you should be judged by who you love, encouraging those who commit crimes of hate against those who live their lives differently from themselves. Something I thought I would never see on the Tonight Show! NBC , the producers at the Tonight Show and Jay Leno, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    Comments in Here

    Pictures here

    Source: fan's of the group TATU

    02/26/03 Kiss cut out of Jay Leno

    Creating yet another scandal, t.A.T.u.'s kiss was cut out of Jay Leno's Tonight Show on NBC. Yulia and Lena said, on JoJo's 9 @ 9 on KIIS FM, that only minutes before their performance, they were asked not to kiss by a representative of The Tonight Show, yet they replied saying that they would see how they felt when the time came. And, they felt like kissing. Lena expressed her feelings on the situation by saying "It is F*ck!"(referring to their censored kiss.)

    Pictures here

    Source: Sean

    02/26/03 New Unofficial Remix "T.a.t.u._All_The_Things_She_Said(Russian_Power_Mix_2003-RSB)"

    Get Remix Here

    Author: Robert

    02/25/03 t.A.T.u. makes their way around America

    t.A.T.u. will be on the following shows in the USA:

    Late Late Show with Craige Kilbourne (CBS) - Taped on Monday, Feb. 24, in Los Angeles

    JoJo's 9 @ 9 on KIIS FM (102.7 FM in Los Angeles) - Tuesday, Feb. 25, in Los Angeles

    Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) - Tuesday, Feb. 25, in Los Angeles

    AOL Live - Thursday, Feb. 27

    MAD TV (FOX) - Friday, Feb. 28 (airing Saturday, Feb. 29), in Los Angeles

    TRL (MTV) - Monday, March 3, in New York

    Carson Daly's The Last Call (NBC) - Tuesday, March 4

    Source: Sean

    02/24/03 New Unofficial TATU Remix ,metal version of "All the things she said"

    Get Remix Here

    Source: Arik Burns

    02/24/03 t.A.T.u. top UK charts again

    For the 4th week straight, t.A.T.u. has officially kept the # 1 position on the UK charts.
    Tatu girls top charts for fourth week
    Even Justin can't topple Tatu from top spot
    Banned Russian Duo Still Atop of British Charts

    Thanks: to Sean Weiss

    02/23/03 Tatu top German charts

    All The Things She Said has now, after spending two weeks at #2, climbed to #1 in the official German singles charts. The album is currently at #4. Chart Here The single is also still topping the UK charts for the third week running.

    Author: by CobraBora

    02/22/03 t.A.T.u. off the countdown

    t.A.T.u. was knocked off the TRL countdown Friday! t.A.T.u. NEEDS YOU!!! KEEP VOTING!!! Click here for details

    Author: by Sean

    02/22/03 TATU on TV "Late Night With Jay Leno"

    Just thought I'd let you know that tatu will be on Late Night With Jay Leno at 11:35 eastern time 2-25-03 at 11:35pm.

    Source: Marianne Sparta

    02/22/03 t.A.T.u. on Russian animation soundtrack

    t.A.T.u. is said to be apart of the soundtrack of a $10 million Russian animated movie modelled after The Nutcracker. It is expected to be released in October 2003.
    A Cartoon Fairy Tale a la Disney

    Thanks: to Sean

    02/22/03 t.A.T.u. on NBC

    NBC is promoting Tatu as the musical guest on the Tuesday February 25 edition of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. See Here

    Thanks: to Stanley Baker

    02/22/03 t.A.T.u. Top of Personal Charts

    tATu: top of personal charts at #1:
    Julio's top 100
    Massive smash weekly top 40
    Marco's top 75
    Start the party top 75

    Thanks: to Hyena (Music 50 singles; Hot hits 50 )

    02/20/03 t.A.T.u. fall to #7

    After reaching their highest position yet at # 2 on the TRL countdown, t.A.T.u. has fell five positions to # 7 and needs your help!! KEEP VOTING!!! Click here for details how to vote !

    Author: by Sean

    02/20/03 t.A.T.u. are second on Top 40 Chart

    Click here for see Chart !
    Check Info about TATU on MP3.COM

    Author: philja

    02/20/03 t.A.T.u. could go 4

    Holding the #1 position on the UK charts for an unprecedented three weeks, t.A.T.u. seems to be in the position to go for four, as reported by MTV TATU Hold On - Again

    Author: by Sean

    02/19/03 T.A.T.U. Moves Up on TRL

    TATU jumped from the #5 position to #2. Beating out Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake the girls were one step away from being at the #1 position. Unfortunately, they lost to 50 Cent's "In the Club" Take them to #1!!! Click here for details how to vote !

    Author: by Caroline and Sean

    02/18/03 Madeley CAN sue and prosecute to get tATu banned

    Steve Bevis is just plain wrong. Under what will be the Sexual Offences Act 2003, any individual can bring a civil action or a private prosecution to ban any work of art, music or photography, by claiming that it incites underage sex, or involves the 'commercial sexual exploitation of a child' - and this law defines a child as a person aged under 16. Whether the judge agrees that it's incitement or exploitation is another matter, but that is what Madeley's lawyers will argue.
    I personally saw and heard Richard Madeley say on live television that he is campaigning to get the ATTSS video removed from the shelves in the shops - and the video is on the CD with both the album and the single. That's how I found about tATu in the first place! That is not the expression of one person's point of view. That is an attempt by one person to force his point of view on to everybody else.
    And if the BBC also censors kissing between males, that makes them even more homophobic than I thought they were!
    Petition is here

    Author: Jason

    02/17/03 t.A.T.u. In The UK - Clearing Up A Few Things

    - Richard Madeley is an individual and therefore could not set out to try and take t.A.T.u. to court to ban t.A.T.u. CDs - he was merely expressing an opinion, which is what t.A.T.u. are about - freedom of speech and expression to be who you are and say what you think. The UK tabloids have made up a lot of rubbish about it, which people are wrongly believing.
    - The BBC never banned t.A.T.u.'s video. They performed "ATTSS" in Italy for "Top Of The Pops" Italy. If a live performance is available, Top Of The Pops never show the video. However, they did edit the lesbian kiss, replacing it with two people in the audience - a heterosexual couple - kissing. They have never shown any gay kiss, between either two men or two women.
    - ITV were told off for showing Christina Aguilera in her "Dirrty" outfits, and so made sure that they never showed anything parents might not want children to see. This is: any sexual content of any nature (kissing, even between heterosexual couples) and any provocative dancing (like Christina Aguilera, etc.). They showed t.A.T.u. performing at MTV Europe and edited out the kiss, but showed them hugging.
    - Neither MTV or The Box or other UK TV stations have edited the kissing scenes in the "ATTSS" video.

    Hope this helps clear some things up! :)
    Steve Bevis

    Source: Steve Bevis

    02/17/03 Unofficial Tatu remix

    remix by James aka Osiris aka MonoMano

    Author: by James aka Osiris aka MonoMano

    02/17/03 t.A.T.u. tops the UK charts for third week

    t.A.T.u., for a third straight week, has held on to the # 1 spot on the UK charts despite increasing public criticism!! The Fans have spoken!!!
    Tatu stay at the top
    Russian Pop Duo Retain Top Slot in British Charts
    Tatu hang on to number one

    Thanks to: Sean Weiss

    02/16/03 t.A.T.u. on CNN's "The Music Room"

    t.A.T.u. will be featured on CNN's "The Music Room" starting Friday, February 21 and will be shown throughout the weekend on CNN International. The Music Room

    Thanks to: Sean Weiss

    02/16/03 tATu fans of the world unite!


    First off, I want to clear up the confusion over what's been banned and what hasn't - and more to the point, what WILL be banned if we don't resist..... Richard Madeley has threatened to use (what might become) new censorship laws to get the works of tATu permanently removed from the shelves in UK shops, by a court order. But they are not laws yet - Parliament has yet to pass them, and if the petition gets enough sigs, it might persuade the law-makers to think again. Petition is here

    UK fans: We also need our own real-life fan club to organise the resistance in other ways, too. Please go to here.

    Clarification: nobody ever said tATu themselves had been banned - yet. It's the ATTSS video that has been banned by Top of the Pops and CD:UK - and they are too spineless to show the girls kissing in their stage performance. They show gay males and hetero singers / dancers kissing and fondling, so that's blatant anti-lesbian discrimination by the BBC.

    Finally, I want to say a big thank you to all the fantastic ppl who have worked damn hard on the petition, and thanks to the managers of this site for helping me and for their daily dedication to the best and boldest band in the world.

    Join the Russian revolution and beat the bigots!

    Author: Jason

    02/15/03 Message from fanscape

    Fantastic work this week - you guys took "All The Things She Said" from #10 to #5 on the TRL countdown! Keep making your requests online and at 1-800-342-5688! Just note that TRL voting time will move to 3:30PM - 4:00PM EST starting Monday. Click here for more request details!


    02/15/03 Tatu on UK TV

    Hi, thought u mite like to know it seems BBC and CDUK have lifted there ban on tATu (if there ever was one) cos they where live on Top of the pops on friday (repeated saturday nite) and CDUK had the MTV live show of All the things she said As i said thought u mite like to know

    Source: by Fallen_Angel AKA Crispy

    02/13/03 t.A.T.u. at # 5 on TRL countdown!!

    t.A.T.u. gained two spots on the TRL countdown Thursday to take the # 5 position and has become the most searched artist on the internet! How to Vote the Instruction here

    Thanks to: Sean Weiss

    02/13/03 t.A.T.u. single moving up the charts!

    t.A.T.u.'s single, All the Things She Said, moved seven spots up the Billboard Hot 100 to take # 23, based on radio play, and their album stayed at # 33 on the Billboard 200 for a second week.

    Thanks to: Sean Weiss

    02/13/03 Charts in Germany

    tatu is now on 2 in the german single-charts and on 3 in the album-charts.

    Thanks to: BEA.ST. and Silva

    02/13/03 Tatu on BBC?

    The BBC hasn't banned tatu, I've heard their single played loads of times on BBC Radio 1.

    Source: Andrew Davies

    02/12/03 t.A.T.u. back up the countdown!

    t.A.T.u. is back up the TRL countdown at # 7, Wednesday, February 12, 2003, their highest yet. Keep Voting! Instruction here

    Thanks to: Sean Weiss

    02/11/03 t.A.T.u needs your votes!!!

    t.A.T.u. fell back two spots, clinging onto the TRL countdown at # 10 Tuesday, February 11. t.A.T.u. NEEDS YOUR VOTES!!! Instruction here

    Thanks to: Sean Weiss

    02/10/03 t.A.T.u. at # 8 on TRL!!!

    t.A.T.u. jumped two positions to # 8 on TRL (usa) after only their second day on the countdown on Monday, February 10. Keep requesting it!! Let's take it to #1! Instruction here

    Thanks to: Sean Weiss

    02/09/03 t.A.T.u. keeps #1 position on UK charts

    Amidst controversy and fears that t.A.T.u. would be a "one-week wonder", t.A.T.u. has managed to keep the # 1 position on the UK charts for a second week, defying many.(including Richard and Judy)
    Tatu top revamped singles chart
    Tatu hold onto top spot

    Thanks to: Sean Weiss

    02/09/03 t.A.T.u. Tops the UK Charts; Bounds-up Billboard's Top 200


    Thanks to: Canadian Tatu Fan

    02/08/03 Petition: please help in these ways if you can


    I have to go to work now, and will be nowhere near a computer until about
    2am. Here's what you can do while I am away:

    Badger radio stations on the phone and by email to play ETSS or anything by
    Tatu, and mention the petition and its URL at the first opportunity if you
    get through live on the phone. Tell them, by playing Tatu they will be
    standing up for free speech and sticking two fingers up at Richard and Judy.

    Flood the big national newspapers with emails protesting against Richard and

    Contact Polydor UK and ask them to help us promote the petition. Their phone
    number is (UK) 020 8910 4800.

    Also make a point of flooding BBC Radio 1 with emails if you can. The
    petition needs more signatures from the UK! The URL is

    You guys have been phenomenal up to now - I know we can win!


    Source: by jason

    02/07/03 t.A.T.u. debut on TRL!!!

    t.A.T.u. debuted on TRL at # 10 in the USA Friday, February 7th! The hosts said "Despite the kissing in the video, they both have have boyfriends." And called it a p.r. gimmick. Thanks to everyone who voted and KEEP VOTING!!!

    Source: by Sean

    02/07/03 t.A.T.u. on TRL

    "all the things she said" debuted on trl this afternoon at the #10 position

    Source: by

    02/07/03 t.A.T.u. TRL wannabe

    t.A.T.u.'s video, All the Things She Said, was a "Wannabe" on TRL Thursday, February 6th and is making their way to the countdown. Keep Voting! Instruction here

    Source: by Sean

    02/07/03 World Chart News

    Album "200 km/h in the wrong lane" debuted at no. 1 position in Austria!

    Source: by Sergey Sergeyev Charts & Ratings

    02/07/03 t.A.T.u. TRL wannabe

    t.A.T.u.'s video, All the Things She Said, was a "Wannabe" on TRL Thursday, February 6th and is making their way to the countdown. Keep Voting! Instruction here

    Source: by Sean

    02/07/03 t.A.T.u. moving up on Billboard

    t.A.T.u.'s album, 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane, jumped twenty spots to take # 33 on the Billboard 200 and "All the Things She Said" jumped six spots to take # 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 based on radio play. t.A.T.u. has increased sales of their album in the USA by more than 10,000 a week.

    Source: by Sean


    Hey TATU Fans ! After TATU had been Baned in UK they need your help.
    You can read and sign petition here

    Spread the word! Spread the word!

    The petition will eventually be submitted to Richard and Judy, the British TV presenters who started the campaign to ban Tatu, but rest assured, the BBC and every other organisation that bans Tatu's works will be informed every time the number of signatures is worth telling them about (e.g. 10,000, 50,000, 100,000, and so on).

    Let's go for a cool million; it can be achieved on the Internet!

    You are more than welcome to print the petition and collect offline signatures, but PLEASE, this is very totally absolutely awesomely important:

    Tell people who sign the offline petition NOT to sign the online one, and vice-versa.

    Don't use spam software to enter multiple fake signatures - it won't work anyway.

    Don't change the wording; if you do, your signatories will be signing a different petition and their signatures will not count as part of this one.

    Thanks for your support!

    Source: by Jason

    02/04/03 t.A.T.u.'s video, "All the Things She Said", has been banned on some stations due to "pedophilic content."

    Tatu video banned by TOTP and CD:UK
    Tatu's Lesbian Kiss Too Controversial
    BBC denies Tatu video ban

    Source: by Sean

    02/03/03 t.A.T.u. on Billboard 200 and Billboard 100!

    t.A.T.u. jumped 57 spots this week on the Billboard 200 to take # 53. Billboard 200
    t.A.T.u. jumped 7 positions on the Billboard Hot 100 to take #36 based on radio play.

    Source: by Sean

    02/02/03 t.A.T.u. has officially taken the number one spot on the UK charts today.

    Tatu make it to top of the chart
    Teen lesbians knock David Sneddon off top spot
    Russian Lesbian Duo Top British Pop Chart

    Source: By Sean Weiss

    02/01/03 back Online

    Our Affiliate Never stop suprise us with new Site Design.

    Source: By

    02/01/03 'BAN TATU', SAY TV HOSTS

    Article Here.
    Do you Have an Opinion - Go in Here

    Source: thanks to Zaiyac

    01/31/03 "All the Things She Said" is the most downloaded song of week at


    Source: by Sean

    01/31/03 t.A.T.u. will make history on Sunday by being the first Russian group to top the UK charts


    Source: by Sean

    01/30/03 Australia's point of view...


    Source: by Annie article from Australia's "The Courier Mail" for Thursday 30th Jan

    01/30/03 tatu news from germany

    I am German fan reporting what happens over here. We have two big music channels over here, MTV Germany and VIVA (a more teen oriented channel). Well, tatu's video "Al the things she said" is airing here all day and night on both channels since, I think, the beginning of this year.

    Source: by Sandra

    01/30/03 Vote on "mUch music"

    Hi this is Chrystal from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and i just wanted to say that you can finally vote for Tatu on mUch music. FINALLY. It have taken forever to get to this point. So if you wouldn't mind giving ppl the link on your web page and telling them to vote, I would be so greatful. We can make them number one in Canada to :) the link here

    Source: by Chrystal

    01/28/03 Vote For "All The Things She Said" on TRL

    Instruction here


    01/28/03 News from UK

    Released on Monday, "All the Things She Said" is set to take the number one position on the UK charts this Sunday. Articles: TATU ON TOP, Tatu set to top UK singles chart , Lesbians On Top!

    Source: by Sean

    01/28/03 Song "Yugoslavia" and some news from Italy

    Do you know the song "Yugoslavia"? It's a song that Lena and Yulia sang when they were very young. On internet it's very rare to find, but on Crazywave's t.A.T.u. Site you can find it. The url for downloads page , here you can find a demo version of Yugoslavia. The quality isn't really good, but there is only this version on internet. Hope you'll enjoy it! :-) I've another news that could be interesting! After more than two months, t.A.T.u.'s video of "Not Gonna Get Us" is still on the first third places of Mtv Italy's TRL!! Sometimes it's first, other times it's second or third... Yesterday it was second! Also t.A.T.u. debut on position #4 in single charts in Italy with their brand new single "Not Gonna Get Us"!!!

    Source: by Simone "Crazywave"

    01/28/03 t.A.T.u. Will Stay In Moscow

    The Tatu girls are preparing to record their second Russian album, and give interviews. In the process of getting ready for a vocal session, Lena and Julia consulted a doctor. The specialists discovered that Julia had laryngitis, which, in their opinion, could affect Julia's vocal quality, and advised her to go through therapy. The doctors suggested that Julia might need an operation, and a brief recovery period, after which the girls would immediately resume the work on their second album. All the material is ready. The rumors about the operation really unnerved the journalists and the fans, now they don't have to worry. There will be no surgery, but Julia will undergo a conservative therapy, after which she'll be able to scream as before. Due to the medical observations, Tatu cancelled two promo visits to the UK and Germany. But Julia, like a professional vocalist, has decided to listen to the doctors' instructions and advice. Now she feels much better, and is ready to record

    Source: by Alban

    01/27/03 American Top 40

    on American Top 40 (which is broadcasted across the U.S. each week) "All the Things She Said" is number 19 this week. Next week it jumps to 17. You can view the next week's standings at Radio & found here:

    Source: by JC

    01/26/03 t.A.T.u. is popular on the internet

    t.A.T.u. is #28 on Lycos Top 50 searches, #7 on Lycos Top 50 artists searched, an #21 on NextRadio Solutions most played artists.

    Source: by Sean

    01/26/03 in ENGLISH !


    Source: by philja

    01/26/03 I'm Tatu ill for UK says Julia


    Source: by

    01/26/03 Article from


    Source: by

    01/24/03 Number One On Billboard !!!

    Dear Americans t.A.T.u. Fans ! Fantastic News ! t.A.T.u.'s album, 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane was listed at #1 as the "Greatest Gainer" on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.

    Source: by Sean

    01/21/03 Next Single in Italy "Show Me Love" ?

    Yesterday I e-mailed a man from Universal Music (Italy), and I asked him why the single "Not Gonna Get Us" had come out in stores two months after radio and television airplay. He told me that in doing so, the album sales would have already grown. In fact, it has sealed more than 100,000 copies. But the most important news is that when I asked him when the next single, 30 Minutes, would be out, he told me that the next single will PROBABLY be Show Me Love, but that there is no date yet. That's all. Sorry for my little english.

    Source: by Simone "Crazywave" from Italy Edited by Silva

    01/21/03 Request t.A.T.u. on MTV!!

    BIG NEWS! t.A.T.u.'s "All The Things She Said" video is now airing on MTV in the U.S.!! Let's help t.A.T.u. take over America by requesting their video on MTV's Total Request Live!

    The number to call is 1.800.342.5688 - it's a FREE call in the U.S. - between 3:00PM and 3:30PM EST (12:00PM-12:30PM PST) Monday through Friday only. Call and request up to 3 times per phone line

    The calls are the most effective way to request, but you can also help by voting online at

    Source: by Christina

    01/21/03 News from Los Angeles

    t.A.T.u. is #23 on Los Angeles radio station KIIS FM Top 40. "All the Things She Said" is getting a lot of playtime.

    Source: by Sean Weiss

    01/21/03 Photos by Simone

    Photos By Simone

    Source: by Simone

    01/17/03 t.A.T.u. on radio program "Open House Party"

    TATU's "All the Things she Said" was #2 on the nation wide radio program "Open House Party" in the USA

    Source: by WMWHyenaWMW

    01/16/03 t.A.T.u. is 6th on Billboard Chart.

    t.A.T.u. was listed at no. 6 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. Here is a link to the chart

    Source: Sean Weiss

    01/14/03 t.A.T.u. is back on Billboard Chart.

    t.A.T.u. was listed at no. 8 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. Here is a link to the chart

    Source: Sean Weiss

    01/14/03 More News from New Jersey, USA

    "All The Things She Said" by Tatu made a jump from Friday's #3 spot to last night at #1 on z100! The song has been requested many times with out it having much goes to show that people love the song and are not just voting for it because it's all they hear. They are also only being recognized as singers and a talent not as a music video image or scandalous. I just want to concradulate Julia and Lena on their success so far and I'd like to say that their being #1 on z100 is almost a guarantee that we haven't heard the last from tatu yet.

    Source: by Veronica

    01/13/03 Vote for TATU in italian newspaper "Corriere della sera"

    The italian newspaper "Corriere della sera" is casting a poll about "2002 best song". All italian fans are voting to make "All the things she said" win, but we need your help also!
    to vote you have to go to this address:
    then you have to click on the "VOTA" button, that you'll find in a little yellow square in this page. The text in this yellow square is "Qual e la miglior canzone del 2002?". The button under "VOTA" makes you look at the results. Clicking on the "VOTA" button, you'll arrive to a page where you'll be able to select "All the things she said".

    Source: by Valina

    01/12/03 Worlds Charts & Ratings from

    Single "All The Things She Said" goes no. 1 in Denmark and Platinum in Belgium!

    Album "200 km/h in the wrong lane" chart positions:

    Finland #2
    Switzerland #11
    Sweden #20
    Italy #25
    Czechia #40

    Single "All The Things She Said" chart positions:

    Denmark #1
    Switzerland #1
    Belgium #3
    France #5
    Finland #5
    Norway #8
    Sweden #7
    Italy #15
    Canada #33
    Netherlands #39

    Source: by Sergey Sergeyev

    01/11/03 News from New Jersey, USA

    I'm a tatu fan from New Jersey. I'm emailing you to inform you that tatu's single is blowing up on the radio over here in the US. Last week, I was listening to z100 and "All the Things She Said" came on and me and my cousin (she's a tatu fan as well) started to freak out. We've been fans for over a year and we're so surprised to finally hear tatu on the radio. And if you didn't already know, z100 is the most listened to radio station, not only in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) but through out the entire world. I was even more surprised when I tuned in a few days later and they were on z100's Interactive 9 @ 9, z100's daily countdown of most requested songs, and they were #4! The next night they climbed a spot to #3! Ever since I've been hearing everyone singing the chorus...probably because that's the only part they know hehe :)

    Source: by Veronica

    12/26/02 News from Croatia

    I'm Ardea, from Rijeka (in Croatia). I'm certnly one of the first Tatu fans here, and I read (follow) your and other links (specially italians, 'cause I speak italian), about Tatu from septembar. My english is not so good, but I'd like to tell you something about the two russian girls in Croatia. I'm a journalist and at the end of september I wrote the first article (report) in Croatia about Tatu (the review Regina), a presentation and a comment about their performance in Verona (Italy) at the Festivalbar. In Croatia their CD was in stores in the second part of october, but just now, in december, All The Things She Said has became a hit. Now it's transmetted in all the most important radio stations in Croatia and enterd the Top 10 songs. I'm affraid, but I don't see the video yet in the tv.

    Source: by Ardea

    12/23/02 Some articles

    Source: Aya Walraven

    12/15/02 Women's Champion Victoria

    Just to let you know that professional wrestling promotion World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, Women's Champion Victoria used t.A.T.u.'s 'All The Things She Said' has her entrance music. She used it Sunday on the pay per view event, "Armageddon". Victoria's character is that she's crazy so the chorus is may seem ok but the rest of the song is just outta place.

    Source: Wei Lo

    12/13/02 New English/Dutch Web Site

  • New English/Dutch Web Site by Stefan
  • Source: by Stefan

    12/13/02 Remixes by Shaker

  • Remixes by Shaker
  • Source: by Nemesis

    12/11/02 .t.A.T.u Album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" in stores NOW !

    200 Km/h In The Wrong Lane
    "200 Km/h In The Wrong Lane"
    (The majority of songs are in English.)
    1CD Album 2002
    1. Not Gonna Get Us   
    2. All The Things She Said    
    3. Show Me Love    
    4. 30 minutes    
    5. How Soon Is Now?    
    6. Clowns (Can You See Me Now?)    
    7. Malchik Gay   (Gay Boy)
    8. Stars   
    9. Ya Soshla S Uma     (I've Lost My Mind; in russian)
    10. Nas Ne Dogoniat    (They're Not Gonna Get Us; in russian)
    11. Show Me Love - (extended version)
    12. All the Things She Said [Video] [Multimedia Track]

    Click Here to Listen to the entire album online!

    12/07/02 New Web Sites in German

    Source: by CobraBora / German Tatu-Online Team

    12/07/02 TATU DOLZ

    Source: by Sarah from Italy

    12/03/02 New Web Site in English

    Click Here

    Source: by Om

    12/01/02 Yulia is again in Hospital?

    Click Here

    Source: forum

    12/01/02 New Web Site "Xtreme TATU/Mexico" in Spanish

    Click Here

    Source: by Karla B

    11/28/02 New Web Site t.A.T.u. revolution

    Click Here

    Source: by Dan

    11/27/02 News from 7-40.

    Click Here

    Source: Thanks to fanat.

    11/27/02 130 New pictures in Nex's Tatu Gallery

    The Total Collection is now more then 1400 pictures. Go there now


    11/23/02 U.S. album release of "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" Confirmed

    t.A.T.u.'s debut English album, including CD ROM footage ("Behind the Scenes with Julia and Lena, Part II"), will be in stores on December 10th in the United States and Canada.


    11/23/02 "All the Things She Said" on MTV in the U.S.

    t.A.T.u.'s video for "All the Things She Said" is starting to appear on MTV in the U.S.


    11/18/02 New Netherlands Web Site in English

    by Sylvia

    11/18/02 - t.A.T.u update from Universal!

    Click Here


    11/16/02 New Romanian Web Site

    by Yagliss

    11/16/02 t.A.T.u. Attend MTV Video Music Awards in Barcelona

    On Thursday, November 14th, t.A.T.u. attended the MTV Europe Video Music Awards in Barcelona, Spain. Julia and Lena presented Kylie Minogue with the "Best Dance" Award. They also performed "All the Things She Said" on MTV's "Countdown," pre-Awards show program. The MTV Europe Video Music Awards were aired live and will be repeated accross all of MTV Europe's beams. The program will also be carried by MTV US and MTV2 (check your local listings for exact times).


    11/16/02 t.A.T.u. in Western Europe!

    After a successful visit to Barcelona for an appearance on the MTV Europe Video Music Awards, t.A.T.u. traveled to Milan today to celebrate the gold certification of their album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" in Italy. There, Julia and Lena completed several interviews before heading for Helsinki, Finland where "All the Things She Said" is currently no. 5 in the singles chart. After finishing their interview schedule in Helsinki, Julia and Lena will visit Stockholm and Paris where they'll be performing on the French TV program "Hit Machine."


    11/16/02 t.A.T.u. Attend MTV Video Music Awards in Barcelona

    On Thursday, November 14th, t.A.T.u. attended the MTV Europe Video Music Awards in Barcelona, Spain. Julia and Lena presented Kylie Minogue with the "Best Dance" Award. They also performed "All the Things She Said" on MTV's "Countdown," pre-Awards show program. The MTV Europe Video Music Awards were aired live and will be repeated accross all of MTV Europe's beams. The program will also be carried by MTV US and MTV2 (check your local listings for exact times).


    11/15/02 TATU performed at the EMAs! But did not win any awards !

    Best Russian Act: Diskoteka Avariya
    Put your Comment here


    11/14/02 New Italian Web Site

    by Ruby

    11/11/02 TATU was aired on Euronews.

    Source: by Alban in french ( )

    11/11/02 New Drawings

    by Kelsey Poorman
    by Patricia Perry

    11/11/02 Europe Music Awards on MTV USA

    Schedule: (in Pacific Time)

    Wed 13: 4:00 PM All Eyes on the Europe Music Awards (MTV2)

    Wed 13: 9:00 PM All Eyes on the Europe Music Awards (MTV2)

    Thu 14: 6:00 AM Europe Music Awards Come to Barcelona (MTV2)

    Thu 14: 6:30 AM All Eyes on the Europe Music Awards (MTV2)

    *Thu 14: 2:00 PM Europe Music Awards (MTV2)

    *Fri 22: 8:00 PM Europe Music Awards (MTV)

    *Sun 24: 9:00 AM Europe Music Awards (MTV)

    Source: by Special Thanks to Silva.

    11/10/02 is back

    Click Here

    Source: by

    11/10/02 Tatu English CD Review

    Click Here

    Source: by Jean-Sebastien Decarie

    11/06/02 Tatu are preparing for the new turne in Europe.

    Click Here

    Source: Translated by Silva

    11/06/02 - t.A.T.u UPDATE

    Click Here

    Source:; Thanks to Silva.

    11/04/2002 Lena's Recent Photos from Tallinn

    Click Here


    11/04/2002 Italians Fans get Tatu back on Top

    Today the Italians t.A.T.u. Fans made the big protest against MTV "boycott" and they sent a lot of S.M.S. and E-mails to MTV, so now t.a.T.u. come back at 1 position in top 10. To see Chart Click Here

    Source: by Alya

    11/04/2002 The single is now PLATINUM in both Italy and Norway

    Click Here

    Source: Thanks to Silva.

    11/03/2002 Lena gave concert in Tallinn Alone without Yulia.

    1 November in "Saku Suurhall" of Tallinn (Estonia) on festival "Pop Market 2002 " Arrived Fans became the witnesses of the unique concert of group t.A.T.u. Only Lena Katina stayed on stage. She told to the public the Official version of T.A.T.U. management that Yulia Volkova the second participant of the duet get sick. Lena said to fans "Today, 1 November, Yulia was driven away by Ambulance to the Hospital. She is feeling herself very bad.". Then Lena sing only two songs "Why Me" and "30 Minutes". After that Lena and four dancers left the stage.


    11/02/2002 Lena arrived in Tallinn !

    Look Video Here


    11/02/2002 Interview with TATU in Norway

    Listen Here
    If you read in Norwegein go here
    Another article in Norwegein

    Source: by; Special thanks to Talula.

    11/02/2002 MTV Italy "boycott" t.a.T.u.

    Click Here

    Source: by Alya. Edited by Silva.

    11/01/2002 Tatu is number 1 in mexico charts!!!

    Click Here

    Source: by Victor Navarro; by Karla. Edited by Silva.

    10/29/2002 Italian's Fans Get Angry

    Click Here

    Source: by Val from [Tatu ItalyFanSite]. Edited by Silva.

    10/26/2002 TATU.US open pages in French

    Click Here


    10/24/2002 Europe Updates

    t.A.T.u. on the radio in France "All the Things She Said" is being played on national radio stations NRJ and Europe 2 in France.

    200 km/h in the Wrong Lane Moves up to #5 in Italy

    "All the Things She Said" debuts at #2 on Sweden's single charts!


    10/24/2002 t.A.T.u. big in Israel

    "All the Things She Said" is #1 on Radio Tel Aviv's Top 8 at 8pm chart. The song is also the #1 most played single on national radio station, Galgalatz.


    10/24/2002 t.A.T.u. On The Cover Of U.S.'s Mixer Magazine

    to subscribe click here


    10/23/2002 Album released in Netherlands

    Finaly the Album "200km h in the wrong lane" has been released in The Netherlands 21-10-2002 and in store at the 22-10-2002

    Source: by Jeroen

    10/23/2002 Yulia is ill ?

    T.A.T.U. didn't performed at pepsi chart live in Holland. The rummors say that T.A.T.U. didn't performed because Yulia is ill and now is in the hospital.

    Source: by Janna Grammatidis

    10/22/2002 Tatu refuses to entertain foreign lesbians

    Read here.

    Source:, Special Thanks to Aya

    10/21/2002 MTV Europe Announces Awards Noms

    Russia will be represented by the groups Tatu, Kasta, Diskoteka Avaria, Epidemia and the singer Ariana. The second and final round of voting for MTV Europe Music Awards 2002 had ended on 13 October, but the Winners will be anounced only on the EMA Ceremony itself on November 14 in Barcelona, Spain. Read more here.


    10/18/2002 t.A.T.u. fever is spreading!

    Read here.


    10/17/2002 Interview with T.A.T.U. by REQUEST MAGAZINE

    Read here.

    Source: REQUEST MAGAZINE. Special Thanks to Aya Walraven

    10/17/2002 CD Album Review by REQUEST MAGAZINE

    Read here.

    Source: REQUEST MAGAZINE. Special Thanks to Aya Walraven

    10/16/2002 T.A.T.U. is number 3 in the Greek Charts!

    T.A.T.U. Single ATTS is number 3 in the Greek Charts!! Click Here

    Source: Joanna Grammatidis

    10/14/2002 Album + single in Holland news

    In Holland the Album realese has been pushed back to october 15th instead of 7th. and the single (all the things she said) is already released, playing on the Box, MTV and TMF. Currently at number 2 in Top40 (dutch list)

    Source: Chantal

    10/14/2002 World Chart News

    Single "All The Things She Said" chart positions:

    Italy #1
    Spain #1
    Canada #42
    Norway #5
    Finland #10

    Source: by Sergey Sergeyev from

    10/13/2002 Tatu opening door to boys

    Read Here

    Source: by thanks to Aya

    10/10/2002 Just three days Left for voting !

    Just three days left for voting in MTV Europe Music Awards 2002 on Russian MTV Website! The second Round results of current voting are kept in the secret. So nobody knows what is going on now. Just five participants are left in second round where the TATU is one of them. Only one of thess 5 will get tickets to Spain for International Final. to read more click here You can vote each hour. If you know the drill go here to vote


    10/11/2002 Tatu has released their CD single in Belgium

    Tatu has released their CD single "all the things she said" in Belgium. The ATTS Video Clip had begun showing on TMF and It is scoring good at the moment. I expect not long before the single becomes a hit.

    Source: Droop from Belgium

    10/10/2002 T.a.t.u. DVD single is available at the Virgin Megastore in the U.S

    The T.a.t.u. DVD single is available at the Virgin Megastore in the U.S. They are selling it for only $1.99 and seemed to have about 10-20 copies per store. At least the Virgin Megastore in Los Angeles does have them for sure. Click here to find if there is the Virgin Megastore in you area.

    Source: by Mark Wasiel

    10/7/2002 Fantastic new entries into the singles charts by t.A.T.u.!

    Read Here.


    10/7/2002 Article from Spain

    Read Here.

    Source: Translated by Vanilla from http:\\

    10/5/2002 Interview from Italia

    Read Here.

    Source: by Sarah from Italia

    10/5/2002 Congratulations to LENA from TATUITALIA!

    Read Here.

    Source: by TATUITALIA

    10/3/2002 Lena's 18th Birth Day Party Coming on 4th October!

    TATU.US Invite all TATU Fans to Celebrate Lena's 18th Birth Day on 4 October in our Chat Room


    Local Parties Start 7PM for each Local Region

    All Asian/Australian Party 10AM Greenvich, 7PM Japan, 13:00 Moscow

    All European Party 6PM Greenvich, 7PM Italy, 7PM Sweden, 8PM Finland, 21:00 Moscow, 1PM New York

    All American Party 8PM Eastern Time, 7PM Central Time, 6PM Mountain Time, 5PM Pacific Time

    Check World Timezone Map here

    Source: by

    10/2/2002 Our Affiliates are back on track with New Layout!

    Our Affiliates have completely redesigned their Website. If before it was Very Cool Looking Website, then Now it is Totally Awesome ! Check it out Here.

    Source: by Philja

    10/2/2002 t.A.T.u. back in Moscow

    Julia and Lena are back in Moscow after completing a 2-week European promotion trip that included stops in Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Netherlands and Norway. t.A.T.u. are scheduled to perform in Poland on Oct. 3rd. The group will also return to Western Europe for TV performances later the same month.

    A trip back to the U.S. is planned for end-of-October followed by a visit to Mexico City where "All the Things She Said" is currently a top 5 radio airplay hit.

    Source: by

    10/1/2002 5th in Finland

    "All The Things She Said" T.A.T.U. debuted on #5 at the official single chart of Finland.Click Here to See

    Source: by Sergey Sergeyev Charts & Ratings

    9/26/2002 On Billboard the 5th place!

    "All the Things She Said" (REMIXES) jumps from #11 to #5 this week on Billboard's Club chart. Here is the Chart

    9/25/2002 t.A.T.u. in Spain

    Julia and Lena are right now in Madrid completing interviews and TV performances in anticipation of the European release of their debut English album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane." Tomorrow, Sept. 26th, they will travel to the Netherlands and continue on to Norway on Saturday.

    Source: by

    9/22/2002 Need Questions for T.A.T.U. !

    Hi everybody! I'm a journalist from Spain, and I'm going to have an interview with TATU girls next wednesday. I would like you to tell me any questions you may find interesting to ask them!! I want to make a good interview!! Thank you very much, everybody!

    to suggest your question go here

    Source: by utat, ZERO magazine. Spain.

    9/21/2002 TATU VIDEO ATTS has #1 position on Trl countdown of ITALIA MTV!

    Go Here

    Source: by Sarah from Italy

    9/20/2002 The fans can meet TATU at FNAC in Milano, on September 21st

    Source: by Fabian Dietiker from Switzerland

    9/20/2002 "Daddy, why are they kissing each other?"

    Read Andrei Gheorghe's interview here

    Source: by Acid Burn

    9/19/2002 "All the Things She Said" jumped up from #19 to #11 !

    "All the Things She Said" (REMIXES) jumps from #19 to #11 this week on Billboard's Club chart. See for youself

    Source: by Fabian Dietiker from Switzerland

    9/17/2002 TV: Festivalbar, There's Controversy on the Lesbian Kiss of the Tatu

    TATU's lesbian kiss at the Festivalbar ends in the viewfinder of the associations for protection of the rights of minors. After a series of controversies, Italia Uno (the festivalbar's channel) has shown the kiss between the two members of the group during the final evening of the program in Verona. Festivalbar has shown the kiss on TV but not at the protected hours (after 11 PM). The scene has provoked "disdain, incredulity and disagreement" from Moige's president Maria Rita Munizzi, who said, "Once again a song manifestation for a hidden proselyte and propaganda of the world gay on our sons". (Ggu/Pe/Adnkronos)

    Source: Rome, 12 set. - (Adnkronos) - Translated from Italian by Antonio. Edited by Silva.

    9/16/2002 "All the Things She Said" Climbing Up the Billboard Club Charts

    "All the Things She Said" (REMIXES) jumps from #25 to #19 this week on Billboard's Club chart. See for youself

    Source: by michael_tma

    9/16/2002 t.A.T.u. Success in Italy!

    This week, t.A.T.u. "all the things she said" is on #1 position on SuperDeejay chart, one of the most popular radio in Italy (Radio DJ). Look here

    Source: by Fabian Dietiker

    9/13/2002 TATU has achieved a great popularity in Spain

    "All the things she said" has reached almost all music radio stations. Gossip talks now about their other songs like "Robot" and "Ya Soshla S Uma" and possibilities of Concerts taking place here in the near future.

    Source: by Furia, Edited by Philja and Synista

    9/12/2002 The TATU.US Chat Rooms are Installed !

    There are two Rooms there. The Room Number 2 are created on IRC Servers by Synista. Click Here

    Source: Philja

    9/12/2002 The New Wallpapers have Arrived !

    Thanks to our BestPhotos Web Master Nex, who has updated the Tatu Wallpapers Page. Also thanks to Vic Phan , who has sent to us originally created by him two nice looking wallpapers: first, second. If you want your Wallpapers to be posted here then send them to Nex. You can find our current updated collection of Wallpapers in our Media section.

    Source: Philja

    9/12/2002 Attack of teenage lesbian pop tarts

    read hear

    Source: By Ryan Tuthill. Special Thanks to

    9/10/2002 "Sweet kiss are censored" Is just a Rumor?

    I would like to tell you that it is not true that Tatu's kiss is not going to be shown in Festivalbar. It was a false rumor that someone had spread. On their official website, Festivalbar confirm that the kiss will be aired. The show will be broadcast on Thursday and will include the full kiss. They even specify that it is 4 seconds close-up and 4 seconds is the whole stage. And they have All the things she said as Flash intro on their website.

    Source: Sarah, The full news in Italian is here

    9/10/2002 Today is The Day!

    Today is The US CD Single "All The Things She Said" Release Day. This CD Single includes songs: "All the Things She Said" Radio Version and "All the Things She Said" Extension 119 Club Edit (5 Minute Remix), also it has "All the Things She Said" Music Video, "Behind-The-Scenes Exclusive Video Footage" (Part 1) and the Gallery of Tatu Girls Pictures. Go and Grab Your Copy Here.

    All the Things She Said

    Source: By Philja

    9/9/2002 Sweet kiss are censored!

    The Italian channel Italia1 won't show the Tatu lezzy kiss during their performance at Festivalbar! The sweet lips contact will be censored and the audience's faces will be shown.

    Source: By Deltadivenere; Edited by Philja

    9/9/2002 Spain

    First Tatu English single "All the Things She Said" had appeared at the end of August on National Spanish Radio. This is the largest station in Spain, whose telephones are torn up now from the calls with requests. Expressive Spanish discuss the single on TV channels and they cannot wait for the appearance of the music video. Can you imagine the Spanish enthusiasm when they see the Video? Well, we'll have to wait just a little bit more to see that.

    Source: ; translated by Philja Edited by Silva

    9/7/2002 Gossip and reality about "The Golden Stag"

    read here

    Source: by Acid Burn

    9/7/2002 The Romanian are shocked

    Read Report About Concert at festival "The Golden Stag" in Romania

    Source: by Sanitarium

    9/5/2002 The Dutch Music channel The Box

    The Dutch music channel The BOX also puts "All the Things She Said" on its playlist, starting from 9/2/2002. For the Dutch viewers: request number 559. In its debuting week it is bombed to the BOXtopper (which makes it shown every hour).

    Source: by A.M Rop

    9/4/2002 MTV Holland adds "All the Things She Said" into rotation

    MTV Holland is playing t.A.T.u.'s "All the Things She Said" video.


    9/2/2002 t.A.T.u. Release Dates

    September 10th

    "All the Things She Said" CD single to be released in the U.S. Will contain "All the Things She Said" plus previously unreleased b-side and CD ROM material of "Behind-the-Scenes" footage (Part 1) and "All the Things She Said" music video.

    September 16th/23rd (depending on specific country)

    "All the Things She Said" CD single to be released in Continental Europe in various configurations: CD 2-track and CD Maxi's featuring "All the Things She Said," "Ya Shosla S Uma" (Russian Version of "All the Things She Said") and previously unreleased b-sides.

    October 7th

    "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" debut English album to be released in Continental Europe. Features CD ROM material of more "Behind-the-Scenes" (Part 2) including interview footage of Julia and Lena.

    October 22nd

    "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" debut English album to be released in US and Canada. Features CD ROM material of more "Behind-the-Scenes" (Part 2) including interview footage of Julia and Lena.


    9/2/2002 More "All the Things She Said" Mixes Included on New Promotional Double-vinyl 12"

    A new promotional double 12-inch featuring 2 vinyl discs with more remixes of "All the Things She Said" has been shipped to clubs. It features different artwork from the first 12" (illustration) with stills taken from the "All the Things She Said" video (similar to the limited-edition DVD packaging) and contains the following tracks:

    A1. Extension 119 Club Vocal (8:16)#

    B1. Dave Aud© Dub (7:40)#
    B2. dj MONK Dub (6:02)*

    C1. MARK!'s Buzzin' Mix (8:12)^

    D1. Extension 119 Club Dub (8:15)#
    D2. Extension 119 Club Edit (5:15)#

    # Remixed by Dave Aud©
    * Remixed by dj MONK and the TRACK MACK
    ^ Remixed by Mark Picchiotti


    9/1/2002 "All the Things She Said" Climbing Up the Billboard Club Charts

    "All the Things She Said" jumps from #34 to #25 earning a "POWER PICK" designation this week on Billboard's Club chart.


    9/1/2002 t.A.T.u. have answered your questions!

    Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for t.A.T.u. via Web site. Questions were randomly picked and Julia and Lena answered them last Tuesday during their visit to Los Angeles. Their responses were recorded to video and will be posted at site next week.

    Julia and Lena have now returned to Moscow to prepare for concert dates in Romania after spending 2 weeks in New York and Los Angeles completing media interviews including MTV News, CNN and Access Hollywood.


    9/1/2002 MTV Italy to Start Airing t.A.T.u.'s "All the Things She Said" Video This Monday

    "All the Things She Said" has been added to MTV Italy's playlist beginning this Monday, September 2nd.


    8/31/2002 Our Affiliate Web Site is Opened

    Click Here.

    Source: By Philja

    8/30/2002 Promotional 12 inches Vinyl Records with remixes of "All the Things She Said" are available for sale in Online US Store

    Promotional 12 inches Vinyl Records with remixes of "All the Things She Said" are tracked down in Online US Store: The good thing is that you can listen the Remixes there in Real Audio Format, the bad thing could be if your Grandpa's closet does not have anymore that device which can play those old big round black music discs. Click on Picture to enter the Store.

    Source: by Philja

    8/30/2002 Tatu plots U.S. invasion this autumn

    to read click here


    8/28/2002 t.A.T.u.'s "All the Things She Said" DVD is finally available in Internet Music Store

    The t.A.T.u. "All the Things She Said" DVD single is out in the U.S. since August 12. Only now I found the first Internet Music Store, where the DVD single is available for Sale. As you remember the DVD includes the video of the English Version of the Song "All the Things She Said" (5.1 surround and stereo versions). The good thing is the DVD Price is just $3.99, the Bad thing is the Cost for US Shipping and Handling is more expensive then DVD itself: $4.99! But if you still wanna the DVD then Click on Picture to Buy it from Online Music Store.

    Source: by Philja using search tool of

    8/28/2002 t.A.T.u. behind-the-scenes footage

    TATU.US was given exclusive permission to show a preview of the behind-the-scenes footage from the "All the Things She Said" CD Single.

    Click here to view the Video In Real Format

    Click here to view the Video In Windows Media Format

    Source: Christina from

    8/27/2002 Julia and Lena on the t.A.T.u. Forum today 8/27!

    Julia and Lena will be at Interscopes offices today, Tuesday 8/27, and will check the Forum area for questions from fans. Post a question and you might get a videotaped answer!
    Go to Forum at


    8/23/2002 Poland Press

    Interview by

    Article from


    8/23/2002 Tatu are coming to Romania

    PRO FM, the radio channell who promotes directly Yulia and Lena's image in Romania, confirmed yesterday a rumour started by the radio channell "EUROPE FM". Tatu will come to Romania on the 6th of September to perform at "The Golden Stag", the most important Romanian festival. The price of the tickets is 150.000 lei (5$), 350.000 lei (11$) and 1.000.000 lei (31$), for the people who want to stand very close to Yulia and Lena. The Romanians are crazy when it comes to Tatu, their song "Nas ne dogonyat" staying on the first place of the local charts for 24 days untill now.

    Source: by Mihnea-Dimitrie (Acid Burn)

    8/21/2002 t.A.T.u. in the U.S.A.!

    Julia and Lena have arrived in New York to do promotion for their forthcoming album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane." On Tuesday, August 20th, they visited the studios of MTV on 1515 Broadway to give an interview and take photos. They will be traveling to Los Angeles at the end of the week to continue their interview activities as well as rehearse with their new band!


    8/20/2002 Official t.A.T.u News

    The commercial release of the single "All The Things She Said" will be on September 10th 2002. It will include 6 minutes of behind-the-scenes exclusive video footage, Radio Version and Extension 119 Club Edit.

    Source: By Christina

    8/19/2002 The second round of voting for MTV Europe Music Awards 2002 begins today

    From the 2001-year, Russian musicians can represent their country on the ceremony of the MTV Europe Music Awards.
    The second round of voting for MTV Europe Music Awards 2002 begins today. The voting will commence until October 13. After first round Only five left: the groups Tatu, Kasta, Diskoteka Avaria, Epidemia and the singer Ariana. You can vote daily and every hour here During this time, the winner will be determined, and will leave for Barcelona for the MTV EMA 2002.
    To read about MTV EMA 2001 click here.


    8/17/2002 TATU.US GOES DOWN

    Our Main Web Provider asked us to find another host. "We would like to get the site moved off our server in the next 72 hours" was written in email from administrator Ronnie T. Moore. "Another Kasta fan" probably will tell us Synista - our Forum Administrator. :-) The reason to move out was technical, related to their preview link which was not supposed to be used.
    Well, I've already signed for the New Web Host Provider but they did not respond me yet. So I am not sure what is going to happened next week, probably the will be down for some time.

    Source: By Philja

    8/16/2002 You've selected Best Five!

    The groups Tatu, Kasta, Diskoteka Avaria, Epidemia and the singer Ariana have collected more votes than any other during the first round of voting of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2002, for the category "Best Russian Performer". Now these five will continue the contest for the right to represent Russia on the very prestigious European ceremony of the presentation of musical rewards. The second round of voting will be opened on August 19. The name of the absolute winner (as the names of winners in all other categories) will become known only on MTV Europe Music Awards 2002 ceremony itself, which will pass on November 14 in Barcelona, Spain! On August 19 voting for each of the nominees begins from scratch. Only you will decide who will represent Russia on EMA 2002 in Barcelona!

    Source: Translated by Philja Edited By Sylva

    8/16/2002 TATU return from Bulgaria.

    After the cancellation of Tatu's concert in the Bulgarian City Plovdive two months ago, Tatu's popularity in Bulgaria grew even more. Two months ago the Pope destroyed the plans for thousands of Bulgarian fans - the concert was forbidden only 2 hours before it was to begin! But nothing could stop them now in Varne on August 10. It is necessary to add that in Bulgaria, Tatu are real heroes. Yulia and Lena cannot go out in public without protection, because everybody knows and loves them. As soon as the girls went outside of their hotel, they were immediately surrounded with a crowd of fans who were armed with posters and CD's. TATU would love to give out autographs for another week, but they decided to return to Moscow

    Source: Translated by Philja Edited By Sylva

    8/15/2002 DJ Monk Mixes from 12" CD!!!

    Click here


    8/15/2002 Report about Concert in Slovakia on 08/04/2002 by Helix

    Click here to read

    Source: by Helix

    8/12/2002 DVD single is out now!!!

    Click here for a list of stores where you can find it.

    Click here to search for a record store in your area.

    Source: /

    8/12/2002 Email from Brian,

    Hello. First off, I would like to say what a WONDERFUL group Tatu is! They're truly amazing and I really hope they make it big in the US - I will certainly be buying their CD when it becomes available! That said, I would like to personally apologize for some of my fellow farkers. Unfortunately, when a website is as big as is, you get a lot of people that can be "REAL JERKS," but you also get a lot of people that are just the opposite - and I assure you that for every jerk from that came here there were 3 decent and good people that appreciated Tatu and their music. Best of luck to your site, and best of luck to Tatu!

    Source: by Brian from

    8/11/2002 t.A.T.u. girls are going to America - again!

    On July 18th Lena and Yulia will fly to the United States where they will spend 12 days doing promotion, meeting the record company staff and just enjoying the Californian sun.

    Girls' schedule is very tight as usual, they have 3 photo shoots and more than 10 interviews to look forward to, among them are interviews with CNN, MTV, Access Hollywood, etc.


    8/11/2002 Farkers Are Gone !

    Alright people, Farkers are gone - some of them was a REAL JERKS. Here you can read second TATU forum they have opened on Well, at least Farkers have conducted good test for our Web Server and All worked fine, except that our web provider had found out that TATU traffic had not been counted and they turned off our site until I had fixed the problem.

    Source: by Philja

    8/09/2002 Russian superstars in Slovakia...

    read here

    Source: by Igor PETRUSKA

    8/09/2002 "" under "attack" of "" site are receiving huge web traffic from : more then 10,000 people for last 10 hours.

    Welcome FARK.COM readers ! Here is the list of sites for you where you can find as well good information in English about Pop-Duet Tatu:

    For other languages look in link page: Click here

    Tatu Fans! Look what "the Farkers" write about TATU at Click here

    Source: By "Someguy" Philja.

    8/09/2002 Interview With Producer Trevor Horn

    read here


    8/06/2002 Article from Archive for 05/04/2002 "Hideous kinky"

    read here

    Source: by Colin Paterson

    8/06/2002 The first round of voting for MTV Europe Music Awards is close to being finished

    From the 2001-year, Russian musicians can represent their country on the ceremony of the MTV Europe Music Awards. In the previous year, singer ALSU had represented Russia. The current voting will decide who is going to represent Russia this Year. The voting has two rounds, but the first had started on June 11, and will end on the 11th of August. You can vote daily on the MTV.RU site for any Russian executor/performer. After August 11 the first five bands will be chosen for the second round. The second round of voting will commence from August 19 to October 13. During this time, the winner will be determined, and will leave for Barcelona for the MTV EMA 2002. In the second round, besides the results of the web site votes, the claims sent from emails and beepers will be calculated. To read about MTV EMA 2001 click here.

    Source: (Translated by Philja and Edited by Silva)

    8/03/2002 Romanian stars adore T.A.T.U.

    T.A.T.U. obtains more and more fans in Romania. Even some of the most important Romanian stars think that T.A.T.U. is a great pop group. One of them, Andrei Gheorghe, person with great musical knowledge, expressed directly his opinion about the Russian band. In a national magazine, he declared: "I liked them very much since I have listened to them for the first time. I think that, in maximum five years, the Russian music will explode. The Russians have a great capacity to produce songs and they have fresh ideas. I think Ivan Shapovalov is a great manager. It is absolutely incredible what this guy does. He has the mind of a genius."
    Andrei Gheorghe confirmed his simpathy for the Russian pop group when, at his show, called "13-14", he announced that the subject of the day was "Tatu" and he put many of the girls' songs, in the English version.

    Source: by Mihnea-Dimitrie (Acid Burn)

    8/02/2002 t.A.T.u. release "All the Things She Said" DVD on Aug. 13th

    t.A.T.u. will release a DVD single of the "All the Things She Said" video (5.1 surround and stereo versions) on Aug. 13th.



    To read click here

    Source: PRAVDA.Ru by Larisa Suetenko

    8/02/2002 The T.A.T.U. virus enters Romania

    After conquering most of Europe, T.A.T.U.'s musical magic entered Romania. The song "Nas ne Dagonyat" could be heard at radio and it's video watched at T.V. since the beginning of month July,2002. A short time after that, the T.A.T.U. mania began to spread , "Nas ne Dagonyat" becoming the most requested song at all T.V. and radio channells. That's not all of it, T.A.T.U.'s album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" becoming the best selling album of the month and probably of the whole year. At most music channells, "Nas ne Dagonyat" and other T.A.T.U. songs can be heard about two or three times per hour. This seems to be only the beginning of the succes the Russian girls have in Romania, everybody awaiting news from them.

    Source: from Mihnea-Dimitrie (Acid Burn)

    8/01/2002 Get a Tatu tattoo at new salon

    Pop singer Dina and Tatu's Lena Katina and Yulya Volkova are set to open a tattoo salon near the Rechnoi Vokzal metro station. The idea occurred to them when the three girls met in the Millennium recording studio as Tatu was recording its new album and Dina her debut.

    "Our creative union does not imply that I'm a lesbian," Dina said. "And for them [Tatu], that's mostly a PR gimmick."

    Dina mastered the art of tattooing before she made her appearance on Moscow's pop stage, when she was living in her hometown of Nizhny Novgorod. The profession was her bread and butter back then.

    As for Tatu, they liked the idea just because the name of their band means "tattoo."

    As a start, the new salon will serve only Tatu fans and, later, if it proves to be a success, it will be open for everybody.

    "It's no trouble for me at all to tattoo a profile of Lena or Yulya on somebody's skin," Dina said. "If it works out, such tattoos will become our salon's specialty."

    Source: By Dmitry Mozheitov

    7/27/2002 t.A.T.u. on AOL

    t.A.T.u.'s "All the Things She Said" video is being featured right now on AOL. If you are an AOL subscriber, you can access the video by going to the Music section.


    07/25/2002 Tatu Have You Talking

    click here to read


    07/25/2002 t.A.T.u.'s debut English album release date confirmed

    t.A.T.u.'s debut English album, "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane," will be released in the U.S. and Canada on September 17th. The album is set to come out in Continental Europe, South America, Australia and New Zealand on October 7th.


    07/22/2002 BLENDER.COM : "We Have Seen the Future of Rock & Roll ..."

    Click here to read

    07/19/2002 The Official Russian TATU Web Site are attacked by Hackers!

    Hackers, which are the anti-fans of pop-duet TATU, had attacked the Official Russian TATU web site, They have replaced the main web site page with a Porno picture of two lesbians. The Web administrators of had tried several times to restore the corrupted file, but hackers using a backdoor, continue to assualt the WEB Server. The American fans were confused: "That's just sick. Why would someone do something like this to our band?" Others wonder "Who on earth did that." Different attitudes were present on the Russian TATU Fan Boards. Some of the Russian fans think that this event has direct connection to the Celebration of the 1 Year Anniversary of the biggest Russian Unofficial Tatu Web Site, This web site was closed earlier this year by direct order of TATU producer, Ivan Shapovalov, only because the was more popular than the Official Site. But the officials of deny any relation between the two events, but on the other hand they did not show any regrets to what happened to the Official Site.

    ( Article was written using information from and forums by athor of with Silva' editing)

    07/16/2002 TATU are shooting the MOVIE!

    On July 15, the shooting of the documentary film had begun about the group TATU. This Film will have everything about what Tatu had not told anybody the last two years: The True Story about Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, which was discussed only between them (Lena and Yulia). From the beginning of existence of the group, TATU wasn-t giving any interviews, they were not answering the frank questions and they were not telling about themselves. The fans were forced to make up (imagine/invent/fantasy) their own story about love between girls, and the journalists were forced to create rumors and hunt for the information. During the same time, TATU was shooting almost each day of their own lives on video in order to show it later for everybody how it was in reality. "The first frank interview of TATU and the exclusive archive materials will soon be joined into one film, which everybody will be able to see."

    Source: (With translation of author of and Silva's Editing)

    07/16/2002 Video Clip "Simple Moves" can be downloaded from

    07/15/2002 T.A.T.U in Poland. They are having the first places in local Music Charts.

    The popularity of girls has finally reached Poland too. They have gotten first places in local Music Charts, plus an invitation from the Glossy Magazines, and everything is as usual. For the group TATU, it was very pleasant news, and therefore Lena and Yulia have decided to make a "friendly visit" to Poland on July 10th. That means that in three days they will have conversations with 15 magazines and newspapers, will give interviews for 10 radio stations, will appear "ON AIR" of the same number of TV channels, will also not avoid all main internet portals, and will take part in two photo-sessions. After all this takes place, the Polish teenagers will start to learn the Russian language and use it to make confessions of love to girls. Exactly in such a manner the wave of interest in the Russian language and music have begun in Czech about half a year ago.

    Source : (with author translation and Silva's Editing)

    07/13/2002 t.A.T.u.'s debut English album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" forthcoming

    t.A.T.u. have finished recording sessions for their debut English album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" in London and Los Angeles. The first single will be "All the Things She Said," produced by renown producer Trevor Horn (The Buggles, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, Grace Jones, Seal). "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" will be released by Interscope Records and will feature English versions of t.A.T.u.'s hit Russian tracks as well as new material. Exact release date details to be announced soon.

    Source :

    07.10.2002 t.A.T.u. featured on MTV & MTV2 "You Hear It First" by Jon Wiederhorn

    Parents who were unsettled by Britney's sexual schoolgirl pout, queasy after seeing 3LW's new revealing outfits and red-faced upon hearing the naughty lyrics of Khia's "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" might have a cerebral hemorrhage when they see the video for Tatu's "All the Things She Said."

    The clip depicts Julie Volkova and Lena Katina, the sensual 17- and 18-year-old members of Moscow's hot new girl-pop group, holding hands and kissing while a wall of throbbing electronic beats, spectral keyboards and buzzing guitar whirl around the groping gals.

    The song, like many from their upcoming U.S. debut album, is about the excitement, emotionality and self-consciousness of young lesbian love: "When they stop and stare don't worrying me/ 'Cause I'm feeling for her what she's feeling for me/ I can try to pretend, I can try to forget/ But it's driving me mad/ Going out of my head."

    "We are singing about our love. Love between girl and girl," said Katina, working with her limited command of English.

    For Tatu, talk is cheap. The visuals _ suggestive photos, performances in panties and tiny tank tops _ are what has helped the group sell over a million copies of their 2001 Russian album, 200 Po Vstrechnoy, which translates to 200 Kilometers an Hour in the Wrong Lane. Their racy image has been carefully crafted by the group's producer and manager, Ivan Shapovalov, who makes Lou Pearlman look downright virtuous. A former psychologist and advertising executive, Shapovalov glanced out at a sea of suggestive teen pop and experienced an epiphany. So he put together Tatu and tried injecting a stagnant genre with new forbidden fruits, pushing buttons and ruffling feathers, but stopping just short of being outright lewd.

    "Our producer is a very good psychologist, and that's why he can feel all the feelings that we have," Katina said.

    Katina, whose dad is a successful Russian musician and songwriter, grew up in Moscow, as did Volkova, an only child raised by a middle-class family. The two met in the children's pop group Neposedi. She and Katina were then contacted by Shapovalov, and led to the world of softcore lesbian pop.

    Of course, selling sex is nothing new. But there's some question whether Tatu actually ascribe to the sapphic lifestyle they project: While management has eagerly released titillating details to the press _ such as how the girls insist on a double bed in their hotel rooms _ none of the group's representatives will affirm that Volkova and Katina are the genuine article. And while the girls might love to kiss, they're not about to tell.


    Watch the video

    07.09.2002 Official lyrics to "All the Things She Said" posted

    The lyrics to t.A.T.u.'s first English single, "All the Things She Said," can now be viewed at

    Source :

    07.08.2002 t.A.T.u. featured on MTV & MTV2 "You Hear It First"

    Wed July 10th, Times: 2:50am, 3:50am, 4:50am, 5:50am, 6:50am, 7:50am, 8:50am, 11:50am

    Tues July 9th, Times: 9:15pm
    Wed July 10th, Times: 3:15am, 5:15am, 7:15am, 8:15am, 10:15am, 1:15pm, 6:15pm

    Source :

    07.03.2002 "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane"

    Feisty brunette Julia and soulful redhead Lena, two teenage girls from Moscow known as T.A.T.U., are the Russian equivalent of pop-meets-Prodigy.

    "People love us or hate us but nobody thinks nothing about us," says Lena Katina, the older of the striking singers. Tearing down walls of all sorts throughout the brave new world, T.A.T.U. became the most explosive and controversial act in Eastern Europe last year with the scandalous single "Ya Soshla S Uma" ("All The Things She Said"), the story of a love affair between two young girls, whose evocative video was named MTV Russia's Video of the Year. 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane, T.A.T.U.'s 2001 debut album Now T.A.T.U.'s tempestuous teens are readying to conquer America. Just don't expect very close friends and flirtatious Julia and Lena to tone down their bold, fearless sense of freedom.

    "Our songs are not silly," says Lena. "T.A.T.U. is more sincere, more honest about ourselves and others. We don't shape ourselves for the audience. In Russia, life is not polite. If we don't like something, we say we don't like it. If we don't agree, we say 'fuck you.'"

    Even T.A.T.U.'s pop electronica has an edge. That's what enticed esteemed producer Trevor Horn to work with T.A.T.U. on English-language versions of 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane to be released via Interscope Records worldwide this Fall. Horn, whose credits include membership in The Buggles ("Video Killed The Radio Star"), prog-rock's Yes and the acclaimed The Art Of Noise as well as producer for The Pet Shop Boys, Grace Jones, Seal, Simple Minds and Frankie Goes To Hollywood, compares T.A.T.U.'s sound not only to Prodigy but also a group he worked with in the '80s, Propaganda.

    In the end, however, T.A.T.U. is unlike any other in the East or the West. "Russians are not dark but we are not light either," says Julia Volkova. "We have a different view, maybe deeper, because life is more difficult in Russia."

    Julia and Lena had already known each other for several years while in another music group when they came together for T.A.T.U. two years ago. But that's where their commonality ends.

    Julia is an only child of middle-class parents; Lena, the youngest of three, is the daughter of a well-known musician/pop-songwriter father. "We love each other very much but Lena is totally different from me," says Julia, who has also acted in small films. "She doesn't like to party; I like to party. She's more quiet, reads a lot. I don't like reading." Yet the contrasts between sweet, dramatic Lena and energetic, in-your-face Julia complement each other in T.A.T.U.

    The video for "Not Gonna Get Us" (T.A.T.U.'s second Russian hit "Nas Ne Dagoniat") has Julia and Lena commandeering a huge fuel tanker, speeding across a snowy Siberian road past anyone who would stop them, triumphant. "T.A.T.U. is about saying what you feel, not what others expect," says Lena. "Be in love. Be yourself. We are."

    Source :

    07.02.2002 Taty have "lost their mind" again but now in English.

    Taty shot the music video for the English version of the song "All The Things She Said" on July 1, 2002. Producer Ivan Shapovalov decided to keep the main parts of the Russian version of the video, but to reshoot the scenes where Yulia and Lena sing in English. In order to obtain the same background as the previous two-year-old video, the plastic brick wall, similar to old one, was built on the shooting scene of Moscow Mosfilm studio. Wet Yulia and Lena were placed behind the wall to sing the new English version of "All The Things She Said". It was easy for the technicians to make rain on the set, but it was very difficult for stylists, because the girls- looks had changed over the two-year period. But all problems were resolved, and as a result, Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova were able to make a trip back to the year 2000.

    Source: News, MTV Of Russia (with author of translation and Silva's Editing)

    06.21.2002 "Simple Motions" in English language.

    Recently the band "Taty" (pronounced tah-too) returned from the USA, where they have recorded a new song, "Simple Motions" in English. Lena and Yulia also gave an interview for the high rating TV program of American MTV: "TRL". The girls then left for a photo-session to one of the best known woman photographer, who has made thousands of photographs of different music stars for the covers of compact discs. It is necessary to note the makeup technicians on the shooting scene are also pretty famous. They repeatedly make up Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Fortunately for "Taty-sheik" they did not put on the same amount of cosmetics usually seen on the faces of American stars. However, "Taty" got five hair-dos and the same number of makeovers in one day. Of course the girls did not forget about shopping. "Taty" had managed all this in just two days. Their new album "Taty" will be released in the States very soon, which was actual reason this entire trip was organized.

    Let us recall that very recently in Moscow, the presentation of the new clip to the song "Simple Motions" took place. The video came out shocking. During the entire video clip the girls are preoccupied with self-pleasuring, and the authors of the clip claim that this was completely not a game, but a properly fulfilled job. It is interesting, but at the same time strange that the parents of the girls were present at the presentation of the clip, who probably tolerate the absolute absence of complexes in their children. The visitors and deputies of the Gosduma, which in spite of constant threats to ban similar liberties, very tolerantly responded to "Simple Motions" playing on the screen. Some governor's even showed their admiration.

    It is necessary to note that "Taty-mania" is already a well-known phenomenon in Russia, whose consequences are not predicted. For example, during one of the "Taty" concerts, the public got so excited and hot from the view of young lesbians (or maybe just well pretending young actresses) that they began to throw down their own clothes and were almost ready for group pleasures. It seems, the management of the band knows on what to press: Teenage lust. It is clear that it creates popularity to the duet "Taty".

    Source: Goodoo Media (with author of translation and Silva's Editing)

    05.22.2002. Concert of two lesbians did not make the Pope happy.

    The reason of the cancellation of the concert of group "Taty" in Bulgarian Plovdive on 22 May was the visit of Pope. As reported by press-attache of "Taty" Beta Ardeeva, the Pope happened to be in Plovdive exactly the same day, when "Taty" was scheduled to perform. Local authorities, after remembering the angry tirades of Pope in the address of Britney Spears and Madonna, decided not to risk. The minister of internal affairs of Bulgaria arrived at the conclusion that the concert of two underage lesbians does not gladden the Head of Catholic Church, and He forbade concert with the formulation the "safety measures nonobservance". "Taty" expressed regret that Pope did not get a chance to see their performance.

    (Source: Agency InterMedia with translation of authors of

    Others Publications:

  • "Business Week", February 18, 2002
  • Tatu's Teen Queens: Lesbian Tunes By Alexander Bratersky , March 27, 2001
  • Tatu: Space Love For Russian Lolitas
  • Review to clip "I've Lost My Mind"(2000) by Niclas
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