Another interview from Turkey 16/08/2003


The interview below is  the second interview ,which girls gave the Turkish media.


From the begining of the Istanbul  adventure,girls disappointed the the press.They didn’t want to involve them.They dismissed the press before the concert,then let them in for a few photo shoots.Then some of the press wanted to underestimate an protest  them and reported the concert this way :


”The front row was taken by Russian tourists which were in Istanbul.Actually the female ones(tourists) was on the shoulder of muscled  Turkish men.”


“…..The black headed (means Julia) was on the red (Lena) ,they started to scream like the couples in German porno films….Nobody called them for the  bis.”…..


Another T.V. channel says :”ROCKER t.A.T.u. rocked Park Orman!!”


Rocker?Since when their style is rock?You know what,the things the girls did was not caprice.After reading the interviews on the Turkish newspapers and wathcing them on Turkish T.V.s, I got the impression that Turkish media doesn’t know  what to ask!The girls was right,what they did..Actually,they are not so innocent either :o)


I wish our press didn’t ask too much about Sertab Erener and Eurovision. To me,Sertab entered the contest a with a very bad song but that doesn’t mean she is bad.When I listen to Celine Dion while she was singing in French,although I don’t understand  what she says,I could feel that she means something emotional and good.Sertab is the same,although you don’t understand her as a  foreigner,you can feel something good in her songs.

At Eurovision ,Sertab used the most popular elements in our culture like belly dance,oriental tunes.

Did you know that what she did after the contest?She was a guest in a show in Germany.The decoration behind was Nargile (kind of tobacco),Doner Kebab (a meat meal),which were the extension of this belly dance stuff.She refused to join the show because she wants to represent our country without showing these stuff.????And she sang Mozart in oriental tunes..(the roots of Sertab’s education is Opera)

This is a contradiction and for all Sertab’s effort,she wasn’t climb on the charts too high!It’s said that she passed Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin (on which chart?)…Excuse me,can you tell me,when did J.Lo and Ricky do something good for the last time?Who is kidding who?

The Turkish side and the Russian side turned into this competition as a futial rivalry!There is a fact for sure that Sertab will never be as popular as t.A.T.u and t.A.T.u will never be able to sing as good as Sertab.If somebody could accept this reality,nobody would ask the the Girls about the kitsch contest Eurovision and I’m sure that  t.A.T.u would not escape from the press meetings in Turkey

What a silly things!!!!


The interview below was clipped,because the weather is already extremely hot and I don’t  want kill anybody by getting bored.

By the way,I ‘m agree with the journalist at some points. Girls had lack of concentration and seemed didn’t care anybody while she was singing,as I can see from the screen.

Anyway let’s read the another interview by  presticious  newspaper Milliyet.(August 16,2003)



…The concert was watched by 2,500 people.The front row was having good times.The group behind wasn’t becuse the t.A.T.u.’s voice wasn’t efficient,they were constantly screaming,they made long pauses between the songs…

The Girls was wearing mini jean skirts and white shirts.The most applaused part was the one girls kissed eachother…

On interview day,their bodyguards met us at the Hilton Hotel.We learnt that they were at swimmingpool.It’s obvious that they are getting bored ,when they were giving interviews.They give  short answers to the questions  and don’t talk more than a few minutes.

When it’s our turn ,we are going to near by swimming pool and hug eachother.They have lots of photos which they have their hands on their ases,but this time,when I’m between them (the journalist is a male),their menager  sulks.Probably thinking  of “ the end of the groups image!”

While we were taking photos,they are trying to push me into swimming pool.I escape hardly from their hands.

But this intimacy works a bit and my interview lasts a bit more than the others.But the result is the same as the others .Nothing ...But I had prepared questions about politics :0(


Q:You’ve been here near by the swimming pool for a long time.When were you last time you   took a holiday?

Lena:3 years ago.


Q:Where ?

L:I don’t remember.It was long time ago.

Julia:I was in Mars…Then Jupiter.It was great (The whole crew  laughed at it)


Q:You were chosen among 500 girls and became famous by a  good marketing.Did you know that you would become  successful?

L:Yes.We had an aim,and worked hard on it.We knew that we would reach that point.


Q:Did you know eachother before the group?

J:We met eachother  5 years ago the group was set up and the group was set up 3 years ago..We traveled the whole Russia  gave min.27 concerts a month then we decided to take our chance in Europe because our albums were selling great.


Q:What did you feel when you first met?

L:Love(She answers this question without thinking as a proggramed robot)

J:A perfect love!(At this point,Julia gets bored and left us without saying anything.Lena answers the other questions)


Q:We have got lots of things that we don’t know much about your life.For example,do you have families and siblings?

L:Julia is the uniqe.I ‘ve got older brother and a sister


Q:How do they react by the idea of  a world wide well-knon sister?Are they happy about it?

L:Yes.No problem and we don’t feel ourselves as a world wide star.For example we’ve been in Turkey before for holiday.We are in the same mood again.




Q:What makes you feel uncomfortable the most?

L:To be asked questions,especially the one “Are you lesbians?”..For example we got bored right now and we’re reaching the end of the interview.If you won’t ask an interseting question,we’ll throw you into the swiming pool!


Q:Yeah,I’m  aware of it!

But I have to ask,what dou you think about Sertab Erener and  Eurovision.Because it was talked about too much in Turkey.

L:Not bad but Eurovision wasn’t too important to us.We won our competition.


Another interview from Turkey

Another interview from Turkey

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