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R: You sold about million CD's in Russia...

J&L: 1 200 000!!

R: Now you want to begin career in States and other countries, also in Poland. What do you want to show us that we haven't got?

L: We want to show that we aren't worse than many artist well known all over the world, we want to show that we also have gifted people, but not as popular as some people think.

J: Did you hear about any Russian artist well known in America? No! In Russia American Cd's are popular as well as Russian CD's, but in America there is no Russian albums. Haven't we got gifted people?

R: But to be a success in States you have to show something new there.

L: First difference is our age. Its unparalleled there those 17 years old girls are making such an "adult" music.

J: In USA girls in our age are singing childish songs about bullshits! Britney Spears for example.

R: Ok, what else?

L: Is it too little? We have got good, serious and real lyrics.

R: And what about those lyrics?

L: You don't understand? But you speak Russian.

R: I want to know it from you.

L: There are for us. There were written for us and about us. There is for example about our love, that we love each other. Something like that never happened. I mean that our situation, this what happens between us, for us it is normal, but there weren't any artist as brave and declared to sing about it.

J: There are but they're scared, they are hiding it. And we don't want to hide it. So maybe this is a cause of this success, because if we can say about such a things it means that we are sincere and worthy to listen. If this sincerity ravished people in Russia maybe it will ravish people from America too.

R: What else?

J: Hey, what a stubborn guy!

L: Music.

R: And what with this music? Any differences?

L: Everything. Russian music is completely different then American.

R: Different how?

L: Just different!

R: It's more melodic. If music is a connected rhythm and melody then at then at the West rhythm is dominating. In rap and techno there's no sign of melody. In Russia melody, voice and singsong are the most important things. In Tatu music we can find a modern arrangement of techno and Russian melodious.

J: Ohh! So why are you asking if you know the answer?

R: What was the begging of this all, a group, your acquaintance?

L: When we were 6 we both went to music school to a piano class. We meet each other when we were singing in professional childish music group.

R: Childish?

L: Yes, it was the most known childish music group in whole Russia. We were about 7 or 8 then. We were singing there for about 4 years. There we become friends. We were singing the same voice, we become inseparable - everybody was saying our names as a one word: "Julia and Lena, Lena and Julia". Sometimes we were staying after the training because we wanted to sing alone. We were dreaming to do something both when we would leave the group. Julia left first and we haven't seen each other for about year. And then there were this casting. 500 people. And they choose Julia and me, but we don't know that we are starting in the same competition. They choose Julia first and then Wania, that's Iwan Szapowaiow told me we have to go to the studio where the other girl is waiting. I arrived and saw Julia. We were screaming and crying, surprised Iwan asked: "You already know each other?" We were learning new songs and singing both at the studio.

R: So it was beginning of "TATU"?

L: Yes but we haven't got that name. We were saying: "project". When Wania notice that our relationship is more then friendship he asked: "Why don't make a song about it?"

J: It was shock for us. "Wania but they wont understand us!" He said: "Are you ashamed of your love?" He convinced us. So that's our duo name: "TATU", a shortcut from Russian words: "Ta liubit etu". We sang a song "Ya Soschla s Uma" and made a video for it. It was spectacularly success in Russia.

R: Who are "they" in this song?

J: Parents, friends, teachers, people from a street...

R: How "they" toke a cognizance of you're love?

J: Oh... there were some problems.

R: What problems?

L: Parents were shocked: " Our daughter loves other girl?" They tried to keep us closed at home, forbidden us our meetings.

R: How did they inquire about it?

J: From video in TV.

R: They inquire such a thing from music clip?!

L: When they saw a video they asked me is this all true or is it only scenario. We have a very serious talk at home. "Mum I love Julia" - I said. It was difficult but they finally understood. They help us a lot now. We are they children. They want us to be happy.

R: And what about your friends?

J: Some people saw that we are hugging together. They asked and we told them how it is.

L: There wasn't any problem with. Some guys needed time to accept it. It was such a test for our friends.

R: What about people from a street?

L: There were menace from some people that they going to kill us: "Because your video and music my daughter became a lesbian". What bullshit! It's easy for people to cognizance when they found a "guilty person".

J: There were a guy with a knife at our concert at Petersburg but guards cached him.

R: Nice experience for 17 years old girls!

J: I think that by these four years we've experienced much more. We become more mature.

L: This is very simple for me. You don't like it? Don't listen to it.

R: What they are saying about you at Russia?

J: Some says that is good other that it should be banned. Some says that we are making this for money, its all a lie. Who can understand them? R: In one of the interviews you said that your music is like that because life in Russia is hard.

L: Who has got a "light" life in Russia now? Another difference between TATU and American music. Our music is about true life.

R: Are you interested in policy?

J: No!

L: No!

J: We are seventeen and we have more important things to do!

R: Is Russia a liberal country?

L: It depends. In Moscow situation is quite good but it's hard to say how it is in other cities.

R: George Michael were keeping his homosexual nature in secret for years because he though that it could ruin his career. With you its completely different situation.

J: We though that more sincere you are better it is for you. We were right, people like our sincerity.

L: But not only this. I think that songs (lyrics) are most important thing.

R: Who is writing lyrics for you?

J: A big group of compositors. We don't even know them. It's our producer job.

L: Lyrics are written by many people but they where written for us

(like our own words). Wania is our great friend and good psychologist. He knows everything about us. He is ordering lyrics that fit us. There are about our life, irresolution's, grief's, and misgivings. We trust him.

R: You are friends? Its rarely situation for artist.

L: It doesn't matter he is two times older then we, he is 35, he is our close friend. We meet each other very often when we are at home. He isn't here now. When we are at concert route he is in Moscow preparing new songs, promoting group, making new plans. When we are at home we like to meet with him. We are talking about everything happened, about feelings, problems, and he always going to find a solution for us. He loves us like we were his daughters.

J: He is a childish psychologist. He was studying at States and become popular producing in Russia. But he wanted to make own music videos, he asked many Russian music stars but they all don't want him. They don't really know him. So he wnated to create own music group. He made casting with no idea what kind of music was going to do. It depended by people he going to choose. Now he is completly crazy about TATU.

R: How are you normaly life look like?

L: At concert route or in Moscow?

R: At home. You live with parents or togheter?

L: Of course with parents. When we are away we spent all time together. When we are at home all things are like they were formerly.

R: How many days you spent at home last year?

J: It's hard to say. There were turnees about month or two long, but Wania is making everything we can be at home as long as it possible.

R: Was it half a year?

J: I think less.

R: What are you doing at home (Moscow)?

L: We can finally sleep as long as we want. The rest of time we spend with parents, friends and ourselves. There is a time for reading a book, watching good films at TV. In general we are resting.

R: I'm sure you haven't got any time for parents and friends.

J: It's not like that. We have but less of course.

R: Are you learning school?

J: Of course, both we are studying at grammar school, but rarely.

R: What else have changed in your life? Everybody knows you. Can you go for walk, to the cinema?

L: Sure we can.

R: People aren't accosting you?

J: They are but it's not hard for us. When somebody wants our autograph he gets it and that's all. Some people are just looking, some are shouting: "Oh, girls from TATU!" But false friends are worst, people who want to be close with us because we are famous. We've learned how to keep such people away from ourselves.

R: Where are you meeting your friends?

L: Were just normally teens. We meet each other in cafes, pubs, were playing billiards, and bowling. Or we meet at home and just talk. The same like all teens in a world.

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