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In generally fashion for us..... We don't try to follow the fashion. The fashion doesn't mean that one has to buy everything which is fashionable and wear it. Fashionable clothes can be inconvenient. We wear these clothes which are sold and which we like. MTU I like that. Some magazines about fashion and this what is fashionable doesn't interest us.


What does beauty mean for us? At first beauty is not everything. Beauty can be different. There is beauty which means appearance and beauty which is inside you. I don't know what is ugly for people but there is something ugly in every of us. Beauty isn't a coefficient. Beautiful doesn't mean that it is almost everything. In the main the character shows the soul of a person. That's why there is no beautiful people and there is no ugly people.


Fame doesn't influence us like it does other people. Of course we like the fact that we are famous and popular that so many people know us and like us. For the career it is really important that people know you like you etc. But personal picture'..we stay with normal and usual people. It doesn't matter who they are. Doesn't matter if they are important or common people with whom we attended to school. It doesn't matter. What really matters is that a person should be good.


Love is everything. There is no life without love. Who hasn't loved that hasn't lived. But there are different people. There are people who hasn't experienced love in their life. Maybe they don't need it but I couldn't like that. But there are different kinds of love for example love to your parents. You love them although there are different days in a family ' bad and good. Love influences in a good way for everybody.


Friendship is very important in our life, because everyone should have a friend. It maybe only one but close one. If there would be no friends then it would be very hard, there would be nobody to talk with. There are things about which you don't want to talk with parents. With who you can share your problems? With friend. You need a friend who can understand you. Friendship is a mutual understanding. There is a adage that we know a true friend when we are in troubles. A friend is a person who will be with you for all your life no matter if everything is all right or not. He will be aid you, support you and be happy with you. But there events that friend turns out as a enemy and such a thing could impressed on your soul.


Education is a basis. In my opinion for young people cultural progress is very important. Important is your family as well as for example theatre. There are people who don't go to the theatre or don't read the books this not interest them. We always liked going to museums, to the theatre. Because we can learn there a lot of things. Why don't learn about things which was long time ago? It is very interesting. But nowadays there is only a bit of people this kind. Culture was at higher level at the past.


What do i like in Lena? This is a complicated question because if I associate with her it means that I like everything. But people aren't perfect, everybody, maybe just a little but behave wrong. But Lena in just one word is original. There are many features that i can mention, that I like very much. I also can't choose anything special, according with what did Julia said. So I really like her as she is. With her defects and advantages, because totally ideal person doesn't exist. I can mention many good feature of her. We are together, we stay together and it fit us.

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