Report About Concert at festival "The Golden Stag" in Romania on 6th of September, 2002

It`s been about 12 hours since I got back from the concert. And I`m still astonished. Words are not enough to describe the feeling I had, standing there, 30 meters away from the stage... It was magic... It was an excellent performance... The girls were great. The lights, the choreography, everything. Except.. the audience. We were not ready for them. I cannot explain it. Just try to imagine a bad translator, some dumb organisers and a narrowminded public, put all this together and you`ll get the picture. The public was.. shocked. They never saw anything like Tatu before. They just couldn`t understand. yeah, the translator sucked bigtime. I still cannot figure if she was trying to translate Russian into Romanian or Romanian to Russian. But language isn`t everything. It`s just a tool. And there they were, the girls, on the stage, singing and dancing, and talking to eachother. And I heard the people around me expressing thier opinions: "aw, they suck:, "they`re stupid", "bah, what`s that, changing their clothes on the stage ?", "i can`t understand a word they say", "bah, go home girls". Sad. Patethic. We, romanians, are superficial. We just couldn`t see beyond. So someone saw that. Someone saw that the public was intrigued. So they sabotaged the show. Either the organisers did it, because they feared they`ll lose their audience, or the Tatu producer did it, because he probably saw that there`s no chance we understand them, their music and their attitude. So the sound goes off in the middle of "Simple Motions", the girls apologise (the organisers didn`t have the decency to come on the stage and apologise for themselves), they promise they`ll be back, and they left. So did I. I couldn`t watch more. It was supposed to watch Scorpions also... but after what happened, I was too disgusted. While wandering on the streets, I thought of my people. My country. My kindre d. Romania is a nice place to visit. Oh, yeah, it`s a great country. Too bad it`s populated. How could we mess up like that ? How could we mess up a show, such opportunity that we`ll never get again ? Simple. Just being ourselves. Along and across time, we, the romanians, were just a pack of rogues and scavengers. We had no dignity and no open mind. Since ancient times, our country allied only the strong, our leaders thinking it is good for us. For instance, in 150 years we changed our alliance 6 times betw een Russia and Turkey. Or in WW II, first we allied with the Germans, and then, when they were starting to lose, we allied with the other guys. We have no pride, no will to fight. Acid Burn, you think Russian are lazy ? Hah ! Look at your own country ! Everybody here prefers stealing than working or fighting. We have no national conscience. We`re doomed. The americans everyone is cursing are way above us all, at least they don`t reject anything, they`re open-minded and always willing to try something new. W e just cannot see beyond our own miserable lives. Here comes the future, these two great girls, a flame into the darkness and all we can say about it is "i cannot understand what they say, go home". YUCK ! If I`d have the chance, i`d launch a nuclear strike right in the center of Romania. Right here, in Brasov. The world had changed to my eyes. I had not expected such cruelty from my own kind. And so I left - cold of heart and soul. Rarely I felt so much rage against this country. We fucked up. All we are i s shadows and dust.... There`s no fate for us. We weren`t redy for them. For the future... I don`t know if we`ll ever be. There was a magic moment, though. At one point, when the girls started to sing "Nas ne dogonyat", the crowd went mad. Even the rangers that were supposed to keep the crowd away turned to the scene and watched Yulia and Lena as they were singing. I don`t know... maybe there`s hope for us. I just cannot see it. Maybe there`s hope for Tatu. Let`s hope there`s hope.

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