Gossip and reality about "The Golden Stag"

On the 3rd,4th,5th and 6th of September took place at Brasov, Romania, the festival known as "The Golden Stag" one of the most important European festivals, who was transmited by TVR INTERNATIONAL in Western Europe, Canada and United States. At this festival sang many international bands like "The Kelly Family", "Boyz II Men", " Scorpions" and "Tatu". The last day of the festival was, of course, the explosive one. This last day was opened by Proconsul, one of the most important Romanian bands and the ex-win ners of "The Golden Stag". After that, the winner of this year's festival was announced: it was Paula Seling from Romania, who bringed the Stag for the third time in the last ten years to her country. After all the prizes were given to the people who deserved them, Tatu appeared on stage, willing to put on a concert. The Romanians were not overwhelmed as everybody thought they'll be, but it wasn't their fault. The girls spoke in Russian for many minutes between their songs and the translators were not able to make their duty because, in Romania, Russian is almost a dead language. This fact made the crowd furious, and they began to make jokes about Yulia and Lena, proving their hate for Russia once again. The crowd was pleased only when the girls sang "Nas ne Dogonyat", song that stayed for more than three weeks in the Romanian charts. The people from TVR, the channell who transmited "The Golden Stag" and the organizers of the festival decided that the second part of the girls' concert should be canceled, beca use they had to put many commercials to please the many sponsors of "The Golden Stag". The Romanians proved their love for hard rock when Scorpions appeared on the stage. Everybody adored them, even worshipped them and the atmosphere, who was pretty bad untill then, became incredible. The crowd liked them so much, that the TVR decided to make Scorpions sing many more songs than they should have. The festival ended with many fireworks that pleased the Romanians almost as much as Scorpions. Romanians surely d issapointed Yulia and Lena, who, despite the facts, promised with half a mouth that they will return someday to our country...soon!

Source: by Acid Burn

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