Andrei Gheorghe's interview about Tatu

Andrei Gheorghe, one of the most important Romanian stars and one of the biggest Tatu fans, communicated his impressions about the girls' concert in Brasov to a reporter from the national magazine "TV Mania". The interview was very interesting and exciting. Reporter: Did you like Tatu's concert in Brasov? Andrei Gheorghe: The show was good, but I was extremely dissapointed because of the playback. R.: Did you expect more from the girls? A.G.: Yes, I was expecting more. However, we must understand that Yulia and Lena aren't true artists yet. They are still only a product. A very good one, but only a product. R.: What comments do you have about the translator at the Stag and what do you think about the unexpected end of the show? A.G.: Leave me alone! (he laughs). I couldn't get on the stage, to pick up a microphone and to do the translation myself. She was awful, the poor girl! I was completely ashamed. I suspect that she was a Romanian girl borned from an Oltenian father and four Mongol grandmothers. R.: Did the girls say anything that could have been offensive for the crowd's ears? A.G.: Not at all. They were very decent. They didn't say any offensive retorts. R.: Can you tell us more about the crowd's reaction? A.G.: The crowd behaved O.K. I stayed in the back to watch, at the same time, the T.V. sets, the crowd and the show. The dancers were excellent. It was a story down there, but, because it was in Russian, the most Romanians didn't understand a thing. R.: Did you have the occasion to talk with the girls? A.G.: No. I wanted to talk to them after the show, but I realized that an awful thing happened to them and the only thing they wanted back then was to cut their veins, so I gave up. R.: You were the first person who promoted Tatu in Romania. Why did you do such a thing? A.G: I promote what I like and what I think that has the capability to raise the audience's interest for PRO FM (his radio channell). Usually, I listen a hundred songs per day, and only one of them raises my attention. "Nas ne dogonyat" was such a song. R.: If we would extract from the combination the kisses, the hugs and all these lesbian stuff, what would remain from Tatu? A.G.: I think the music would remain. I have listened all their songs, I have seen their clips. The clips are excellent, the songs are very good and the lyrics are O.K. too. The lesbianism is only another quality added for making Yulia and Lena unique on the European market. R.: Does your little girl listen Tatu? A.G.: No, she doesn't. She mostly listens some Romanian pop bands that are excellent for her age. R.: Did you allow her to watch the concert? A.G.: Yes, I allowed her. She asked me: "Daddy, why are they kissing each other?". I responded: "Because they want to shock the world". "Why do they want to shock the world?" she asked. I said: "Because they want to attract it's attention towards them." "Why do they want to attract the world's attention towards them?". "Because they want to make more people to listen their music and to buy their albums", I responded. And she understood.

Source: by Acid Burn

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