ITALIAN'S Fans Get Angry

Letter by Val from [Tatu ItalyFanSite].

Our national (Italian) TV (Rai) airs "Top of the Pops" on Saturday at 2 PM. Tatu are #1 on the chart, but we can't see them live because they didn't invite Tatu to perform. It's not finished; they air the ATTSS video, but when there's a kiss they change the image and shoot the spectators. THEY CENSOR THE KISS! As you know, this is not the first time this happened in Italy; there was something like this when the "Festivalbar" had to be aired on Italia1 channel, but at least the kiss was shown. The "Tatu ItalyFanSite" visitors are very angry and we're going to send an angry e-mail to Rai and other addresses, hoping to be listened.

Source: by Val from [Tatu ItalyFanSite]. Edited by Silva.

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