Tatu is number 1 in mexico charts!!!

Letter by Victor Navarro

Tatu, the great duo from Russia, has conquered the Mexican and Latino charts from MTV Latino. These girls are amazing, and all the Latin people love their song "All the Things she said". In the top 20 chart, they are number one, and in the top 10, they are number 2 since October 28. I just want to notice to you, because you have news from all the countries in the world, and they are in good positions, but, the best positions are the Latin ones. So they rock here in Latin America.

Source: by Victor Navarro. Edited by Silva.

Letter by Karla

About the news of tatu being a hit in Mexico, it's true but they have been in the first places since a loong time ago...almost a month, they started in the 8th of mtv, then 5, second and now number one. Also they are the number one of the number one English Radio Station, Alfa 91.3 fm, to all this add that they are the number one in the top ten (english music) of the biggest music store "Mix up" and they have been if I remember right, the number one for two weeks. Here are the links if you want to see:

Click here
Click here

Source: by Karla.

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