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10/06/03 Tatu girls were hypnotized.

Read here.

Thanks: CYN

07/22/03 Tatu's Trouble

Article and Comments here

Thanks: CJ Champ

07/18/2003 t.A.T.u. possibly on the verge of splitting

As reported by numerous news agencies over the last few days, t.A.T.u. is said to be on the verge of splitting. Reports say that there is tension between Yulia and Lena over Yulia's boyfriend Pavel and Lena's jealousy of Yulia's spotlight position in the group. Some also advise to take this with a grain of salt, as t.A.T.u.'s manager, Ivan Shapovalov, is infamous for stirring up controversy surrounding the group
Tatu to split?

Ta ta, Tatu?

Thanks: Sean

05/24/2003 Yulia looses a baby!


Thanks: Cassy


Singer stalked by Tatu

Discuss Here

Thanks: whiska

05/23/2003 Tatu's Volkova Used to Fight Over Boys


Thanks: Kirill Ermilin

05/03/2003 t.A.T.u. to tie the knot if they win Eurovision

t.A.T.u. have told the German newspaper Bild that they intend to get married, "preferably in Germany," if they win the Eurovision song contest.

Source: Sean

01/22/2003 the true information about Yulia's illness.

Read here

Source: thanks to Olka

01/15/2003 GOSSIPs from Olushka!!

Read here

Source: thanks to Olushka

10/07/2002 GOSSIP from KATE!!

Read here

Source: unknown, translated by by katbeidar from

10/01/2002 during "Festivalbar" show, the kiss between the 2 girls hasn't been cut

Hello! I'm italian and I've read your latest "gossip" about forgot to say that during "Festivalbar" show, the kiss between the 2 girls hasn't been cut. And this at half past nine, during a show that a lot of italian watch on tv, included children...Italia 1 is a channel well known for the cuts to programs and cartoons, but when it has the opportunity to earn more money than usual it hasn't scruples about broadcasting any tv show. That's all...

Source: by --Gaspa--

09/26/2002 t.A.T.u. will appear in Playboy!

Read here

Source: Translated by: katbeidar (

09/10/2002 "Tatu Sweet kiss" was shown in Italia for Children ?

Yesterday 09/09/2002 (during day time, around 13.30) just before the end of the daily italia1 (yes, same tv channel) news program "studio aperto" broadcasted the kiss between the two tatu members and speaker commented the decision of cutting the "kiss scene" from festivalbar show. after a couple of minutes anime "dragonball" started for the joy of young viewers.

this is damn funny. they cut scenes from festivalbar and broadcast 'em during daytime just before a cartoon episode. :)

Source: deelan

09/04/2002 Tatu are going to have children

The producer of the scandalous duo Tatu wants to manage a new Russian group "7B" now, but the current producer of "7B", Alexey Monzhnosov, will give up "7B" only in exchange for Tatu.

"Let him (Shapalov) take "7B", if he gives me Tatu insteed. I will turn them into normal girl, marry them to good guys, they will have a lot of children, and lead the Russian teens to the right path at last." - said Alexey to Intermedia.

Mean while, the "7B" recording company REAL RECORDS is kind of sattled the business with Ivan Shapavalov. Shapavalov says: "We have discussed this matter for three months now, and I think that we are near the conclusion now. After two weeks or so, we'll know it".

"We have a very strict contract with the group, of which Shapavalov doesn't know." - says the current producer of 7B. He doesn't like Tatu. And here is his opinion about Tatu: "This man does absolutly different, wrong things. He better sit with his crazy Tatu project, and do all kind of crazy stuff he wants, he is good at that - half Russia are lesbians now, - we don't want that".

During this time, Julia and Lena just came back from the promo-tour from USA. Ivan cares about Tatu, although he didn't go to USA with them.

"I don't have to go with them every time, the things are going quite well without me, - he said to InterMedia. - "All the things she said" video clip if now aired in Itali, Spain, Norway, and is on 9th place in Mexico. The plan is underway, and in the next hafl year the whole world will have enough Tatu songs!"

But if Shapavalov shifts to 7B, the image of the group will be changed. "Shapavalov suggested to get rid of one of the girls, but we'll see", - said Mandzhonsov, laughing.

Source: InterMedia Translated by Kate from

08/16/2002 Attept to kill Tatu girls in Ekaterinburg

Another attept to hurt Tatu was stioped earlier in Ekaterinburg. It all happened on a free concert, on which a lot of famous pop stars from Moscow were to perform.
On the concert some drunk audience tried to express their anger in different ways. So, when the girls appeard on stage, bodyguards were forced to call some extra policemen to come. But even they had troubles calming down the crowd.
Julia and Lena felt the agressive atmosphere and tried not to put oil into the fire. The traditional "kissing" competition before Mal'chik Gay was canceled.
During the performance, one of the drunk "fans" managed to get on stage, and he nearly hit Julia with an iron bar. If not for the bodyguards, Julia and Lena would have been seriously hurt.

Source: Translated by Kate

08/10/2002 Does Tatu's every single step has to made in accordance with their contract.

to read click here

Source: Forum at

08/11/2002 Tatu Dating Boys.

We all know that private life of Tatu always was a mystery. And information about their private life was always contradictory. Once official source reported that they were almost about to marry each other, but at the same time other sources were reporting that Tatu prefer "boys". And, to say it softly, boys in their 50s-60s. As Sergey Galoyan, the author of most Tatu hits insisted, Lena and Julia had sexual relations with not-very-young music composer Alexander Boitinskyi. Also, some other portly gentlement in fancy cars who drove Tatu away after the concerts.

But now it appears that Tatu are having sex with a Russian boy group "Smash"! The boy from the group Vlad and Sergey, are both 16 y.o. They are very mysterious and no information is available. The only thing we actually know is that Vlad, Sergey, Lena and Julia were in the same Russian group "Neposedi" when they were young.

Source: Article sent By Kate from

08/10/2002 Does Tatu's every single step has to made in accordance with their contract.

to read click here

Source: Forum at

08/10/2002 End of Tatu: According to rumors, Lena and Julia will immigrate to USA

The girls were obviously not lucky: the young singers became a sacrifice to the show-business. They were forbidden to give concerts , their lesbian image was ruined, and their original group name was stolen.

A terrible scandal happened with lesbian duo Tatu. Lena Katina and Julia Volkova, who for nearly two years with their "peacefully" producer, lost their job on 20th of July. Their place will be taken by two other girls who are now being looked for. We decided to find out what happened.

They are forbidden to meet boys

Not long before the conflict, the girls started to hint the media about their producer mistreating them. They said that he forbid them their personal life, didn't allow them to meet the boys, go shopping or go to clubs during their free time; and above all, gives them no pocket money at all. They hinted that when they will reach the point when enough is enough they will just leave the stage.

"No, it's not like that at all,"-said Shapovalov to me. "We had a wonderful relationship, and we fall apart not because we hated each other. There were other reasons: not-very-honest people want to make money on the girls, without thinking about them."

Names of these not-very-honest people Shapovalov kept a secret, saying that he wasn't going to "anti-advertise" anybody.

Elena Kiper, ex-director of Tatu, also commented the situation.

"It was clear that this was going to happen two months ago, when Ivan signed a contract with the Western label "Universal", not thinking about the consequences, "- says Elena. The contract was 30 pages long and in English. Of course it was very difficult to translate and understand, in fact, almost impossible. When after a few months after signing the contract, one of the unpleasant points of the contract popped up. It turned out that "Universal" could rename the duo without Shapovalov's approval; also "Universal" will decide where Tatu will release their albums. As a result the group was renamed into "t.A.T.u", there were forbidden to release their albums in Russia, and they are allowed to work only in USA. Of course, Shapovalov was very upset that his girls were treated like this, but to cancel the contract he has to pay 300 thousand dollars, which he probably doesn't even have.

From lesbians to normal

In the "Universal" Russian office in Moscow this information was confirmed. According to Aleksey Savin, Tatu's lawyer, it is not clear whether Tatu are going to leave Russia or not, but now the new name and the image of the group are decided on. "The girls are leaving their lesbian image behind,"-says Savin.-" Now they are going to sing for teenagers with a normal sexual orientations, and will promote healthy life style. From August this year they are "t.A.T.u" (Teens Against Tobacco Use). And the rumors about the girls loosing their job, is not surprise. Once they are working for Universal, Shapovalov is not paying them."

"After all this renaming and changes, Tatu have already lost their popularity,"-says Roman Zhukov, producer of R-producering company, "and they are forbidden to sing in Russia." It's almost certain that a foreign duo will not survive in USA. So their future is clear. Probably, they will have the same fortune as Alsou, who also has a contract with Universal. When Alsou started to sing in English, she lost half her fans in Russia almost immidiatly, and her albums are really hard to sell now. Do you know what I think? Probably, some American anti-smoking organization wants to promote themselves and decided to sponsor a group. They chose Tatu. They will release an album or two, have a few concerts and that's it! Bye-bye! Tatu will be used and thrown away. This happens very often. And Shapovalov, he made quite a fortune on Tatu, will find another two girls to take Lena and Julia's place. He has the right to the group name "Taty" anyway."

"What if it is exactly what Shapovalov plans?" We thought and tried to contact him again. But he rejected to speak to us. So his assistant Beata came out to meet us.

"Now all I can say for sure is,"-she said. "Tatu will remain on stage. There is a probability that Lena and Julia will work in New York. Then there will be a contest for new members for group "Taty". By the way, there is a notice on this on our Russian Official Website. We will welcome all letters from the girls who want to take a chance in this and become a member!"

Source: Translated by katbeidar

8/06/2002 Pop-duet Tatu gonna became Family

Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova will go to incorporate a legal marriage. This is very unusual event for Russia that's why this Event is gonna to happend at Holland. The ceremony of wedding will be at the bottom of a pool. They actively rehearse the process: study to drink under water champagne and to put on rings. " We have felt, that we are a single whole, therefore we wanted to connect our destinies " has informed Lena and Yulia.

Duet Tatu has become famous for songs "Ya Soshla S Uma" and "Nas ne Dogonyat". Today Tatu's popularity grows in distant foreign countries, the album " 200km in the wrong lane " has strongly located at top chart sales of Czechia, Slovakia and Bulgaria. Also they work on English versions of their Hits.

Source: Translated by Vanilla Wall

08/04/2002 Wondering what tracks are going to be on the American Album?

click hear to read


07/30/2002 Shapovalov as Sex Partner of Tatu

Shock is now popular in Russian and World Wide. That's why, duo of two small underage lesbians, Lena and Julia, is getting more and more popular everyday. Scandal and sexual image of the group is professionally guided and supported by the group's producer, Ivan Shapovalov. A quite interesting individual himself.

For information: Ivan Shapovalov graduated from Saratov Medical school in 1988 being specialised in psychology and became child psychologist, and used his abilities in politics and advertising in the following 10 years. But his success came to him when he started the Tatu duo.

Now the most important thing for Shapovalov is image. His, not the girls'. They are working quite willingly to create the image of their "parent". Making little homosexual kissing games during the concerts...and not giving interviews. No, not ever has a single journalist got a chance to speak to Lena and Julia, only the questions like "what do you like to eat" are asked and no useful information is given. Once I got an a appointment for an interview with the creator of this successful project, I hoped to get some interesting facts, but I once again proved to myself that the interest in this group is based on the absolute lack of facts and information.

19.00 I am coming into the group's head office. Shapovalov is looking at me very cold blooded and interest less. He invites me to take a walk outside. We order some tea with lemon in a small summer cafe.

I (Attempting to start a conversation): When did you get the idea to start the group?

Shapovalov: After the crisis (economical crisis, August 1998). To the point I was collecting facts and material.

I: Did the crisis "hit" your finances or did you just want to make some money?

S:Then I just wanted the group to be compensated. I put in the project other people's money, not mine.

I: Did the girls decided to play lesbian's roles right away?

(Producer decided not to answer this question and started a counter-attack)

S: What other questions do you have? Say them all now. (laughs loudly).Know why I am asking? No, do you know why I am asking? Because you are only thinking about your own questions! (He laughs again and uses his spoon to make noises on the cup).This question is not accepted. Other versions?

I ( forced to change the subject): Tatu are singing in English. Didn't you want to attend Euro-Vision?

S: There were no requests. Why should I? How could it help an artist?

I: So, it doesn't interest you?

S: I asked a question.

Don't you think that this is a good way to advertise and gain attention?

S: How could a Euro-Vision help a group like Tatu? We have all we need anyway. Albums are selling very well. We record in America. I don't understand any help that Euro-Vision can give at all. Why does it exist, anyway?

I: And the listener's opinion doesn't interest you?

S: I can't follow the listeners. Listeners must follow me. I can create interest in the group, but to satisfy it - it is not my aim. Somebody else will do that.

I: Do you use cocaine? (At this point Tatu's lawyer joined us)

S: He bribed our cases (laughs).

In the next 5 minutes we unsuccessfully try to make a tree-person conversation. Mr. Shapovalov tells the lawyer about my physiological health and problems.The lawyer gives me a few tips on how to communicate with "good buddy Vanya (short for Ivan)":

-Don't pay any attention to him. Before I met him, I thought that Shapovalov is a giant. Once I met him.Vanya. Everybody told me: He is a drug user! Uses cocaine constantly. But I got used to it.

I (trying to change the conversation to desirable subjects):How do you see Tatu after five years?

S: Whom did you ask? Me? (Shapovalov has an annoying side to ask questions when he is asked one).

I: You are making a documentary film now.

S. (interrupting): So, you are interested in the film? (immediately) After five years I see them the same. They will be left in my memory like that.

I: Will this film contain just a little bit of truth?

S: Which film?

I: The documentary one.

S: You will see.

In the following few minutes, "Good buddy Vanya" ignores all my questions and askes his own!

S: I can ask you about anything, I am interested.

I: You are trying to create an image to your self, obviously.

S. ("annoyed"): This is not an image, it's the way I am.

I: Original.

Shapovalov starts to talk about his past.]

I:Being a physiologist, what relationship do you have with Tatu girls?

S: I am their sex partner.

I: With both at once?

S: Yes (laughs)

I: Educating them?

S. (smiling) yup.

P.S. In the tough environment of show-business, everybody fights for attention with what he/she can. Obviously, Tatu use lack of info and scandals to draw attention, not talent and songs. Making an appointment for an interview, Shapovalov doesn't give it .The information about the group is under control. To create interest in the audience, the girls are supposed to keep quite.

Tatiana Medvedeva

Source: Translated by: katbeidar (

07/23/2002 Elton wants to adopt Tatu

[!!] Elton John to adopt Tatu??? It seems as though the project on Tatu going East is going to end in success! Elton John has obsolutly gone mad under the charm of Tatu girls. And it got so serious that he actually decided to adopt both girls at once! In one of the last interviews he admitted that he always dreamed of having two daughters - "One dark, and one blond". But unfortunatly he was unable to realise his dreams as a matter a fact. "I and my boyfriend have been together for years, but he just can't get pregnant"-jokes the famous singer. He already sent letters to each of the girls' family, in which he said that he offers 100 million dollars to recieve the rights to take care of the girls as daughters. According to the latest news, niether Lena's nor Julia's parents were able to reject such a generous offer. And after consulting with the girls, they decided to sign all papers that are requered. The girls are not against it as well, having such a famous singer as their "dad" would open to them all gates to show business.

Source :, translated by Katebeidar from

05/30/2002 Tatu show turns into an orgy

read here

Source :

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