Now group Tatu tours Europe. On 6th of September, Julia and Lena were performing on the festival of "Golden Stag" in Romania, and already were singing and kissing in Italy on the next day. They stopped in Moscow for a short while, the girls did not unpack their bags - they are going to England soon.

Julia Volkova didn't even had a chance to visit Petrovkyi Village. There, in a small country cottage, her grandpa and grandma are waiting for her return. We decided to pay them a visit instead.

Grandpa and grandma really miss their Tatu girl. Only a few years ago, Julia used to spend all her vocations with them. "She was an ordinary girl: she hang out with her friends on the fields, loved to play cards, - remembers Viktor Stepanovich (Grandpa). - Julia always wanted to be first in everything".

Local teenagers used to gather in a small summer-house in the kindergarten, which is about 20 meters from their house. Julia never rejected a glass of samogon (home-made vodka (ask me about the recipe if you are interested)) and sang vulgar songs with everybody to the guitar a boy was playing.

Back then she used to perform in a group called "Neposedy". We all know the reason why Julia was expelled from the group.

Grandpa and grandma don't believe in NewsPapers, which call their dear grand-daughter a lesbian.

"This is all bullshit!" - frowns Elizaveta Romanovna (Grandma). "She was always friends with local boys. She had fans in here back then, if you know what I mean. They all still live in the next door five-storied buildings".

We found the boys who used to be Julia's friends.

"Julia rarely visits us. Maybe she is too proud now that she is a national superstar?, - says Alexander Tvorogov. "Maybe, she just doesn't have time", - added his friends.

Only two years ago, Julia used to write letters to her "friend" to the army.

"Don't think that she was my girlfriend, - smiles the "lucky" young man. "She went out with my friend "Toha"!"

Anton Hrulev ("Toha") and Julia Volkova loved each other- the whole village knows so. Holding hands and each other, they went to the local "tent", were the popular teens used to gather.

When Julia went to Moscow, Anton would proudly tell his friend every detail of him having sex with Julia: "You know, she is awesome! "F*cking awesome!"

When Anton went to serve in the army, the Tatu girl went to see him off. He went to serve on the Finland-Russian border. And when he was in hospital in Moscow, Julia came to visit him. This guy caught a secret disease in the north. "They were injecting penicillin into him", - laughed his friends.

But after Julia became a celebrity, she forgot her village boyfriend. Anton wasn't "heartbroken" even for a second, he found himself another girl, with whom he plans to marry sometime.

"Julia has a new boyfriend too, - says one of the friends. " His name is Pasha. We saw them, when they came here recently on a fancy car. She didn't tell us who this Pasha character was. She just said that this is the only person in Moscow with which she can share her soul".

Grandpa and grandma liked Julia's new boyfriend as well.

"He is so tall, serious: you can tell he is a businessman. He has a Mercedes. They spelt in it hen they came to visit".

They look at the poster of Tatu that hangs in their living room:

"Look at her, she hangs near our favorite singer Sophia! She is now a star as well"

Source: unknown, translated by by katbeidar from www.tatysite.net
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